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Founded in 1931, CML Innovative Technologies is a prestigious company in the UK that manufactures and markets the world’s best lighting solutions and products. The company has an unrivalled reputation for providing miniature lighting products for automotive, illumination, aviation, gaming, railway, medical, and offshore markets. CML Innovative Technology’s popular products include panel mount indicators, LED bulbs, indicator lamps, LED displays, medical lamps, aviation lamps, crimped wires, and lamps for signalisation. The company has introduced its first LED lamps and is a specialist corporation providing one-stop lighting solutions for global users. With over 90 years of experience in the business, CML Innovative Technology has established a remarkable position in the industry for guaranteed, functionally designed, and cost-effective lighting products.

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Steve Armitage
19 Jan, 2023

Every business should work like CML Innovative Technologies! I love these guys! I have dealt with their unmatched customer support a few times now and they are truly second to none. Whenever I need something they respond SO FAST I'm amazed. They are transparent about the process and incredibly inclusive in how they keep us informed of progress. I am proud to be a customer and supporter of CML Innovative Technologies!

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