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Weight & Force Measurement

Enrgtech carries a wide variety of force and weight measurement devices from leading brands with excellent designs and applications. Browse our exquisite product collections with an advanced selection of exceptional quality and robust scales and meters that can handle a range of weight and force measurement functions.

What is Weight & Force Measurement?

Weight and force measurement uses various measuring instruments to measure the mass and force of an object. The objects include small things weighed by multiple measuring tools in different environments. Weight estimated in Newtons is a measure of the force of gravity on an object, while force measurement is essential to measure the force, weight, or torque between two objects.

Weight and force measurement tools:

There are various devices for measuring weight and force, such as weighing scales, force gauges, and newton meters. These tools are designed for precise and reliable weight and force measurements across various load types.

Tools for weight measurements and their functions:

Weighing scales are essential tools that measure the total mass of goods or loads and are found in various forms. The following are some of the tools with their primary functions.

  • Digital Scales

Digital weighing scales have become the preferred choice because of their easy-to-read measurements in various spaces. These scales are designed to convert weight metrics from imperial to metric forms and are found in multiple shops, kitchens, and commercial and industrial uses.

  • Counting scales

These dual-function electronic scales measure the weight and count the item numbers placed on them. These time-saving scales are common in shipping, stock control, and packaging environments.

  • Hanging scales

As the name suggests, these scales are hung or suspended below the scale through a hook or cradle. They are common in goods processing and material handling in commercial and industrial applications. 

  • Spring balances

These suspended balances are designed to measure the exerted gravitational force over objects in Newtons, simultaneously giving the items’ weights. They come in digital or mechanical forms with sturdy construction and are widely used for friction testing, prototyping, and wire gauging applications in multiple laboratories, industries, and research and development areas.

  • Bench Scales

These are compact scales designed to weigh smaller items at a desk or countertop. These scales are ideal for commercial and industrial services, post offices, packaging areas, etc. 

  • Platform scales

Due to their high-capacity platform, these heavy-duty sturdy designed weighing scales are used to measure high-mass materials or equipment. They are ideal for weighing heavy machinery and animals and are primarily found in warehouses. 

Force measurement tool and its functions:

Force gauges, also referred to as force meters, are force measuring devices most commonly found in laboratories, development, research, and field environments. They come in digital and mechanical force gauges with the ability to measure both pull and push forces in kilograms, pounds, and Newtons.

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