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Safety Flooring

Safety flooring is designed to minimize the risk of slipping and related injuries in low to high traffic environments. It is most commonly used at workplaces or other areas with a high risk of slipping. Buy vinyl flooring, rubber, playground, and Altro safety flooring to reduce the risk of slip, injury, and another discomfort due to flooring. These are especially used in high danger workplaces where you have to work close to machinery or some high-voltage equipment. Enrgtech provides a solution to these problems by providing the most high-quality rubber safety flooring products. 

Types of Safety Flooring Products

We offer a larger variety of safety flooring and equipment that meets the safety requirements perfectly. These products include anti-slip tapes, chair mats, social distancing floor mats, anti-slip floor mats, temporary floor protection, electrical safety mats, entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats, and safety mats. 

  • Anti-Slip tapes are usually used on the stairs to prevent people from slipping.
  • Anti-fatigue mats are used in warehouses or factories where workers have to stand for long durations and become extremely tired. These mats will help those workers be comfortable and have the energy to keep working for longer.
  • Chair mats are usually used to provide easy mobility to the chairs to improve ergonomics while keeping the floor protected. 
  • Anti-slip floor mats prevent slipping or tripping accidents by improving traction in certain locations that are commonly used in domestic, commercial, and industrial environments. These Anti-slip floor mats are available in different designs, suiting different environments.
  • Social distancing mats contain signs of social distancing or instructions as to where to stand, for example, at a pharmacy, a retail store checkout, a grocery store, etc. 
  • Electrical safety mats are very useful in protecting you from any electrical shocks of electrical equipment and providing protection against faulty equipment. These are electrically insulated rubber mats mostly used in places where you work close to electrical equipment.
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