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Prototyping, Fabrication Products

Enrgtech is offering a wide variety of high-quality prototyping boards, 3D Printing Accessories, and fabrication products at fabulous prices with same-day shipping. The categories provided include products such as Etching and Fabrication Equipment, 3D Printing Accessories, Solderless Breadboards, Adapter, Breakout Boards, etc. 

Prototyping Board

A prototyping board is basically used to models electric and electronic circuits prototypes before actually getting them printed on a fabricated PCB board. Prototype building helps to make the assembly process as fast and practical as possible. It is really focused on making the functionality of the prototype as close to the original factory-made PCB board Circuit. There are many types of prototyping boards. Some of the common products are as follows: 

  • Eurocards
  • Breadboards
  • Matrix Boards
  • LED prototyping boards
  • Stripboards
  • Extender boards and Adapters
  • Copper Clad Boards and Photoresist boards
  • SMT boards

Etching and Fabrication Equipment

Etching equipment is used to produce components for many industries like electronics, photonics, aerospace, optics, marine, and automotive industries. Etchers basically etch patterns on the surfaces of a wide range of parts like filters, microheaters. screens, encoder discs, and the lead frame that is used for Semiconductors.

Etching is a process mainly used in microfabrication. It is utilized to remove layers from the surface of a wafer during the manufacturing process. This is a very important process module and must be carried out in organized steps. 

Fabricated equipment usually is scientific equipment that consists of some components being fabricated or built in one unit. In simple words, it involves the composition of individual components that are combined together to make up large bodies of components. 

3D Printer Accessories

3D printer accessories involve the following: tweezer, silicone matt, Tool Kit, Gloves, Bottles, plastic remove tool for cleaning, resin filter, scrapper, etc.

Solderless breadboards

The solderless breadboards are convenient for providing space where temporary circuits can be built with ease.

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