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Pipe Fittings & Accessories

Pipe fittings and pipe accessories are required for the installations of water and heating pipes systems. If you are looking for pipe fittings and accessories then you are at the right place. Enrgtech is offering a wide variety and high-quality pipe Fittings and accessories at fabulous prices with same-day shipping. Pipe fittings such as PCV and ABS pipe fittings, threaded fittings, etc are essential to forming the pipe systems. The pipe accessories play an important role in their installation and maintenance. Pipe accessories like PVC pipes and covers improve the appearance of pipelines and some of them also provide protection to the pipes. Pipe covers can be manufactured from either metal or plastic. 

Push Fit Pipe Fittings

Push-fit pipe fittings are an alternative to the old pipe fittings. They are so popular because of their ease of installation. As no special tools are required in the installation of push-fit fittings therefore the process is done quicker than others. you just have to simply push the pipe into the fitting and create a watertight seal. These fittings are available in an extensive range of copper and plastic fittings. 

Pipe collars

Pipe collars are used to protect the pipes from a fire breakout. These are wrapped around the pipe when there is heat exposure from fire and these collars tend to expand inwards to squeeze the falling pipe until the aperture is fully sealed. 

Pipe Clips

Pipe clips also known as pipe clamps are used in all types of industrial and commercial, and domestic settings. Pipe clamps are useful for guiding and securing tubing or conduit for plumbing purposes as well as for heating and electrical purposes.

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