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Head Protection

Head protection equipment is one the most important personal protective equipment that needs to be provided to workers for their safety. Head protection equipment is required to protect the head from falling objects and electric shocks. Protection is a necessary factor you must wear if you are working under other employees or when the work Is being done overhead. It is also important when your work involves electrical connectors that your head may come in contact with. Considering all these factors, we can determine how vital head safety is. Therefore, it is the responsibility of management to make sure that their workers are provided with the necessary head safety equipment to make them feel safe and hence improve their work productivity.

Types of Head Protection Equipment Available

Hard Hats

Hard hats protect against several hazards like impact and penetration hazards, burn hazards, and electrical shocks. Head protection equipment must meet ANSI standard Z89.1-2009 or later.

There are two types and three industrial classes of hard hats:

  1. Hats help reduce the impact when an object falls on the head or a blow to the head. For example, when a hammer or nail gun falls from above the head, such an impact is created, which can be reduced with the help of a hard hat.
  2. Hard hats help reduce the lateral impact resulting from a blow received off-center on top of the head or side of the head. For example, contact with a side corner of a sharp beam may result in a lateral impact.

Class G

Which was previously known as Class A, is the type of hard hat used generally and offers protection from low-voltage electrical conductors, which can be up to 2,200 volts.

Class E

Previously known as Class B, is a type of helmet used for electrical work and protection against exposure to high-voltage electrical conductors, which can be up to 20,000 volts.

Class C

This is helmets that offer moderate protection and do not provide any electrical protection. They can even be electrically conductive.

To quickly identify the hard hats, there must be a label on the inner shell of the hat with the manufacturer name, ANSI designation, and the specific class or type of the hat. You can identify the hat from the various classes and determine which one will be suitable for your needs.

Bump Caps

Unlike hard hats, bump caps are not designed to offer protection against falling or flying items. However, bump caps help protect against accidental impacts created by fixed objects, such as exposed beams or pipes. They can be used in work areas where there are fewer overhead hazards. There is no ANSI designation for bump caps.

Care and Storage

It is crucial to periodically clean the protective headwear because it will extend the lifespan of this equipment. Therefore, it is essential to carry out a daily inspection of the hard hat shells, suspension system, and other related accessories to check for cracks, holes, or other damages that might put the health and safety of the worker in danger while working. Paint thinners, paint, and some other materials can make the hard hat shells weak and cause them to crack or eliminate their electrical resistance. It would be best if you also prevented placing the head protective equipment in direct sunlight as the UV rays and extreme heat can damage them.

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