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Ear Protection

Ear protection refers to personal protective equipment or ear protectors used to protect ears from external elements like extreme cold or intrusion by water, debris, and other environmental conditions. They are most effectively used to prevent hearing loss because of too much noise. These devices reduce the noise energy that enters the ears and causes problems in the inner ear. Ear protection is necessary to be used by employees that work in high noise level environments that can reach up to 80 decibels. This also depends on the length of time a worker has to operate in such high noise environments as a weapon and explosive training, aircraft maintenance hangars, workshops, mines, operation areas, generators, engines, boiler, compressor rooms, etc.

Types of Ear Protection Available

The common types of ear protection equipment available at Enrgtech include the following:


Earplugs are the most commonly used ear protection devices that protect your ears from hearing loss. Earplugs are devices you need to insert into your ears, and they work by mitigating the noise that reaches the cochlea, the inner ear, to prevent any hearing loss. Earplugs are commonly used in a work setting with a lot of noise, such as factories where the workers can hear loud machinery sounds. 

Some people also use them to sleep, which helps them sleep better. Earplugs are an excellent option for light sleepers that cannot sleep in noisy environments or even with the slightest noise. Three types of earplugs differ based on their shape and the materials they are made of:


Earplugs made from foam are compressed by fingers to place inside the ear canal, which expands to plug the canal when released.


Another material used in manufacturing earplugs is silicon and rubber. The inner part of these earplugs looks like small balls that can fit on the outer ear canal, and the rest of it protrudes out. Surfers and swimmers commonly use these.


Such earplugs are made from rubber and plastics. They can effectively fit the outer ear canal.

Eco-Friendly Material

Some earplugs are made from eco-friendly materials. This offers a personalized fit to the individual’s ear canal, giving total comfort. Other options like filters are also available that are useful for communication.

Ear Defenders

Ear defenders are also known as earmuffs and are one of the most common personal protective equipment for noise protection. These are devices used to protect the ears from extreme noises at the workplace to prevent hearing loss. The head-band and the outer covering of ear defenders are commonly made of a rigid thermoplastic or metal, making them durable enough.

Hearing Accessories

Hearing accessories include a wide range of devices designed to help users hear more effectively. They are designed to help you hear better in everyday activities. It is always recommended to choose the right ones according to your needs.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Ear Protection

Now that you know enough about ear protection equipment and how important they are at the workplace and have their benefits in everyday life.

  • Ensure that the equipment is suitable for the job
  • Provides enough amount of protection
  • It should be compatible with other required PPE devices
  • They should be comfortable to wear
  • Appropriate for the temperature and humidity at the workplace.
  • Provides adequate communication and audibility
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