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SMD Soldering Exercise Boards

SMD (Surface Mount Device) Soldering Exercise Boards are specialised training tools designed to help individuals develop and refine their surface mount soldering skills. These boards feature various SMD components and layouts, providing a hands-on experience to practice precise soldering techniques. They are widely used in electronics education, prototyping, and hobbyist projects.

Popular Types of SMD Soldering Exercise Boards

  • Single-layer boards
  • Double-layer boards
  • Multi-layer boards
  • Practice kits with assorted SMD components

Potential Benefits Offered By SMD Soldering Exercise Boards

  • Hands-on learning experience
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced users
  • Enhances soldering precision and skills
  • Improves manual dexterity
  • Builds confidence in handling SMD components
  • Prepares users for real-world soldering tasks

Application Areas of SMD Soldering Exercise Boards

  • Electronics Education and Training
  • Prototype Development
  • Hobbyist and DIY Electronics Projects
  • Skill Assessment and Certification Programs

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Roth Elektronik
RE716001-LF, Roth Elektronik
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Roth Elektronik
RE712001-LF, Roth Elektronik
40 In Stock
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RE716001-LF, Roth Elektronik

RE716001-LF, Roth Elektronik

Roth Elektronik - Solder Practice Board The RE716001-LF from Roth Elektronik is a two-sided 35um Cu Solder practice board which can be used for 11 different SMD components. This practice board has been designed in an epoxy glass hard fabric and is 72mm x 213mm in dimension. Epoxy glass hard fabric FR4 1.50mm Two-sided 35um Cu Solder practice board can be used for 11 different SMD components Size 72mm x 160mm Epoxy fibre-glass FR4 1.50 mm Double-sided 35 μm Cu Hot Air levelling (HAL lead free) Solder practice board for 11 different SMD components:6x SO88x SO144x SO16w4x SOT223-34x SO204x SOT8922x SOT2378x 120666x 080526x181220x 2220 DIN Type Matrixboard Matrix boards with 1mm holes on a 2.54mm pitch.
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RE712001-LF, Roth Elektronik

RE712001-LF, Roth Elektronik

SMD soldering exercise circuit boards, RE712001 Soldering exercise circuit boards for SMD standard, fine pitch and discrete components; also well suited to machine assembly (pick and place). 1.5 mm FR4, 35μm CU on one side. Soldering side HAL hot dip tin-plated, solder mask and assembly printing. 85 different SMD components: PLCC: 52; 68; 20 1 ea QFP: 44 sq; 84 sq; 132 sq; 184 sq. 1 ea QFP: 44sq; 84sq; 132sq; 184sq. 3x Tantalum chip capacitor A: 1x SOT 23: 3x Tantalum chip capacitor B: Tantalum chip capacitor A: 1 SOT 89: 2x Tantalum chip capacitor C: Tantalum chip capacitor B: 1 SOT 143: 1 Tantalum chip capacitor D: Tantalum chip capacitor C: 1 SOT 233: 1 0402 chip capacitor: Tantalum chip capacitor D: 1 SO 14: 1 0603 chip capacitor: 10x SOM 16: 1x 1 0402 chip capacitor : 10 SOL 20: 1x 1 0603 chip capacitor : 10 Potentiometer: 1x 1 1206 chip capacitor : 10 DPAK: 1x 1 0805 chip capacitor : 10 Al. capacitor 6.3 mm: 1x 1 1210 chip capacitor : 7 Al. capacitor 4 mm: 2x 1 2220 chip capacitor : 1 Mini Melf 1206: 6x 5020 oscillating crystal: 1812 chip capacitor : 2 Melf 2308: 2x Mini Melf 1206: 6x TSOP32: 1 5020 oscillating crystal: 1 Size: 100 x 140 mm
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