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Paper Supplies

Paper supplies refer to different office supplies or office stationery that are useful items used in many tasks. Being able to refer to such stationery is very useful when working at an office and knowing how to organize certain things. Paper supplies are helpful at schools, offices, homes, and many other applications. Paper supplies are considered consumables used by the office employees regularly involved in written communications, record keeping, bookkeeping, storage supplies of data, etc. The wide range of products classified as paper supplies includes small expendable items every day, small machines, and consumable items. These can sometimes include higher-cost equipment as well.

Types of Paper Supplies


This is a paper supply that has been used in offices for a long time. You can use them for various applications, including sending formal letters, posting reports, sending job offer letters, resignation letters, termination letters, promotion letters, contract proposals, etc. They are made of paper and can be available in different colors as well.

Paper Shredders

As the name indicates, paper shredders are the equipment used to shred or cut paper into small pieces or strips. This is done usually to papers that are no longer of use or were misprinted. These are used by the Government, private, and business organizations to destroy any confidential private, or sensitive documents. 

Ring Binders

Ring binders are utilized for filling reports, and you can likewise utilize them to hold showcasing material. For some, the main thought that matters when they buy folios is size and cost - insofar as they can oblige the expected number of reports and are reasonable, they are viewed as sufficient.


Staplers are known as mechanical devices that are used to join paper or other materials by driving a thin metal staple through the sheets and folding the ends by pressing the stapler close. Staplers have been commonly used in Government offices, schools, homes, and other workplaces.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are small and colorful paper pads that have a temporary sticking magic to them at the top and can be attached to walls, documents, or any other surface. These are useful for not taking or writing our schedule for the day to remember some important details of the day.

Document Wallets

Document wallets, also known as document folders, are the stationery equipment used to store and organize various types of documents in tidy conditions. These are utilized to store office documents and presentations, carry school notes, etc.

Hole Punches

A hole punch, also known as a paper puncher, is commonly used in offices to punch holes in paperwork. This is often done by combining all the documents in one folder.

Paper Clips

These are in the shape of loops and are commonly used to hold papers together. They are commonly made of steel wire.

Office Staple Remover

As the name indicates, Staple removers are office supplies used to remove staples from documents to unbind them quickly.

Paper Shredder Oil

Paper shredder oil is a particular type of lubricant used to sharpen the cutting edges of a paper shredder. It is crucial to use paper shredder oil for your paper shredders regularly to keep them working effectively.


Notepads are simply pads provided to employees or kept in offices to note important details throughout the day or record minutes of a meeting in the traditional way.

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