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Networking Solutions

Enrgtech offers high-quality networking solutions products like ethernets switches, hubs, gateways, routers, etc., at fabulous prices with same-day shipping. We have a quality of networking products such as hubs, switches, routers, media converters, and gateways. Get from here with the best deals. 

Most electrical devices nowadays work through connectivity, and network connectivity connects the different parts of a network. We offer a wide range of networking solutions that make networking easy for you. Some of the products we offer that enable network and connectivity include modems and routers, switches and hubs, media converters, Bluetooth and firewalls, etc.

Networking Solutions We Offer

Media Converters are Networking devices used to convert Ethernet and other communication and networking protocols from one cable type to another one. They are helpful to achieve fiber links in all types of networks. The most commonly used converter resembles the transceiver, which converts the electrical signals used in UTPs in the optic fibre cables to light waves. Media converters have many applications in governments, enterprises, data centers, etc. 

Hubs and Switches

Hubs: A hub is a networking device that connects many PCs to one network. In other words, it can connect many Ethernet devices all at once.

Switches: A switch can connect many devices to a single computer. 

Gateways and Routers

Gateway: A gateway is most commonly used in the telecommunication industry as a piece of networking hardware or software that allows the data to move from one network to another.

Routers: Routers perform a similar kind of data transferring function. These are devices that forward packets of data between computer networks. The traffic directing functions on the internet are performed through routers. Any data sent through the internet is in the form of packets.

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