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Storage & Shelving

Enrgtech offers a wide variety and high-quality storage shelving units Online like cabinets and cupboards at fabulous prices with same-day shipping. Browse our range of Storage Shelving, Cabinets, and Cupboards online at Enrgtech. Get the best deal on a specific order. 

These storage and shelving units are used in construction sites, garages, workshops and are even used in domestic sectors. This equipment will help you organize the tools and keep them in place. This is convenient for providing extra working space, and the room looks tidier and cleaner. This category of products has a lot of storage and shelving products like:

  • Storage Racks
  • Storage Lids and Bin Dividers
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Compartment boxes
  • Drawer Storage
  • Storage boxes

Different Storage & Shelving Products

Storage equipment is essential in many settings such as commercial, industrial, domestic, specifically in workshops, garages, construction sites, etc. We provide a wide range of storage equipment and accessories that will help you make your workspace tidy and organized. When everything is placed in an organized manner, more space is created, and hence it gets more comfortable to work in such a spacious environment.

As already mentioned, some of the storage and shelving products available at Enrgtech includes:

Storage Racks: Storage racks, also known as shelves, are convenient storage shelving units for storing many tools and equipment.

Storage Lids and Bin Dividers: These are available in stackable and non-stackable forms. They help you keep the items organized in separate compartments.

Storage Cabinets: Storage cabinets can store small tools and medium-sized tools with doors that can be closed.

Drawer Storage: Drawer storage and cabinets are almost similar and have multiple drawers to store your tools. 

Storage boxes: These are separate box-type storage used to keep the tools and devices. 

We offer free shipping for orders over £200 if delivery is in the UK. All other orders in the UK, shipping from £7.99 depending on the weight and measurement. Mainland Europe shipping charges start from £25. For all other countries shipping charges start from £50 for products like Storage & Shelving and all others.
You can email us directly at sales@enrgtech.co.uk or via our website for any queries regarding Storage & Shelving or any other product.
This depends on the Storage & Shelving individual product and information that can be found on our website.
Yes, we offer special discounts on orders above £200 for Storage & Shelving and all other products.
UK orders normally take between 2/3 working days. International orders normally take between 3/5 working days for all products including Storage & Shelving.
Yes. We keep updating our stock frequently and if a product like Storage & Shelving is not in stock then we will let you know.