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Electricity distribution

Schneider Electric Infrastructure previously Smart grid Automation Distribution and Switchgear Limited was incorporated in March 2011. A fresh certificate of incorporation was awarded in December 2011 following the change of name during the same period of time. It is engaged in the design, manufacture, building, and servicing of electrical distribution products. The company also manufacturers automation products and has in the recent past plunged into the emerging sea of IoT. Schneider Electric Infrastructure LTD is located in India, but its geographical segments go beyond India. Its product base includes;

  • Transformers

Schneider Electric Infrastructure has over 50 years’ experience manufacturing a wide range of transformers. It is equipped with test labs that have been accredited by the National Accreditation Board where they manufacture, test and calibrate transformations. They manufacture transformers of between 500kVA to 100MVA. All their transformers meet the ISO9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS1800:2007.

  • Components

It manufacturers a lot of components most of which are geared towards substation automation. The components offer protection, control, and supervision of substations. They range from voltmeters, relays to circuit breakers.

  • Equipment

Amongst the equipment manufactured by Schneider Electric Infrastructure include power special breakers, modular power substation, power GIS switchgear and power AIS switchgear.

  • Automation

As if responding to the growing demand for automation of processes and equipment, Schneider Electric Infrastructure manufactures some of the best automation components the market has to offer. Some of its popular automation products include protection relays, network fault detectors, MV substations control units and SCADA systems.

  • Auto re-closures

Are you looking for reliable auto re-closures that will enable you to contain Extra High Voltage (EHV) faults? Schneider Electric Infrastructure manufactures some of the world’s successful high-speed reclosing that can be used on EHV overhead transmission lines that are guaranteed to improve the stability of the system by reducing the duration of the arc and consequently reduce the disturbance time.

  • Ring main units

It manufactures some of the markets best sealed, gas-insulated compact switchgear units. Schneider’s Ring Main Units (RMU) are equipped with either switch disconnectors, switch disconnectors, or circuit breakers. A combination of these switching devices is sometimes used. Schneider Electric Infrastructure can offer you any combination you prefer.

  • Smart Cities

Smart cities are slowly becoming the attention magnets globally. Cities host 50% of the world population and consume 75% of the global energy. They also emit 80% of the global carbon dioxide. Smart cities are defined by how subsystems work together as integrated value chains under different conditions. Smart cities bring about smart ecosystem in the city, hence improving the quality of life of occupants by making cities efficient, livable and sustainable. To achieve this the efficiency of the city’s infrastructure, electricity network, transportation, buildings, institutions, water systems among other things.

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Schneider Electric Infrastructure promises a Smart City platform that will establish effective management systems characterized by operational technology and information technology that will offer residents better public and private services. Given its previous successes in various aspects of industrial automation, Schneider Electric Infrastructure is certainly one to watch.


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