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Schneider Electric a Global Leader In Industry!

Schneider Electric recently received accolades from Product and project Awards for its cooling solution the Ecoflair Indirect Air Economizer. The Ecoflair was awarded the Top Product of the Year award. This award is just one of the many that prove that Schneider Electric is a global leader in industrial automation and control systems. Schneider’s automation and control products and solutions cover a wide range of the industrial, infrastructure and construction.

Automation and control products

There has been a growing demand for global industrial automation and control market in the recent. Technavio had approximated that by the end of the 2016-2020 period, the demand was expected to grow by 8%. Schneider electric manufactures a large breadth of products expected to meet this demand for industrial automation and control. The products are categorized as below;

  • Contactors

Contractors are electronically controlled switches that are used for controlling current flow in an electrical power circuit. Schneider manufactures a wide range of contactors from modular to 3 pole contactors. Contactors have varied current carrying capacity for different voltage levels. Schneider manufactures over current and thermistor motor protection, reverse, thermal overload, motor management and modular contactors. They are used for varied applications and come in various sizes.

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  • Human Machine Interfaces

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) connect user operators to the controller for industrial systems. HMIs include electronic components for controlling and signaling control systems. Schneider manufactures some of the industry’s best HMIs. Schneider’s HMIs are characterized by their adaptability and outstanding visualization and control. It manufactures both basic and advanced HMI panels that can be used in various applications. Schneider also manufactures unrivaled industrial PC. It also manufactures HMI software that can be used alongside a range of HMI panels.

  • Industrial communication gear

Industrial communication is the backbone of IoT. It is also the at the core of Industrial automation. Schneider manufactures numerous industrial gear including, gateways, routers, and switches. It also manufactures software that can be used for networks.

  • Relays

Relays are electronically or electronically operated switches. They are composed of an electromagnet, armature, spring, and sets of electrical contacts. Schneider manufactures an array of automation and interface relays that can be used for an array of relays.

  • Measurement and instrumentation equipment

Automation is centered around the measurement of stimuli (heat, pressure, level, and temperature), processing of data and acting on the data. Schneider manufactures a wide breadth of sensors from the flow, level, the pressure to temperature sensors. Other products in its production line include pneumatic instruments, valve positioners, recorders, controllers and configurators for use with measurement devices.

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Process control and safety

Schneider’s EcoStructure line of products can be used to measure and control operational profitability, control manufacturing process of the entire firm and for predictive purposes. Schneider also has another line of product safety systems and critical controls.

Discussed above are just some of the few Industrial Automation and Control products Schneider manufactures. There a lot more products in their product line that can be applied in industrial control and automation. Being a global player, you can expect them to come up with outstanding products that will continue to raise the bar with regards to automation and control.

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