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XMC1202 Flicker-Free LED Driver Board for LED Light

XMC1202 for rapid prototyping

The XM1202 is a must have for every designer. The MC1202 is one of a kind RGB LED shield from Infineon technologies. It’s an intelligent evaluation board that is compatible with Arduino and XMC1100 BOOT KIT. It’s designed to offers easy configuration and combine for different LED light engines and lamps. It’s very convenient for fast prototyping and inexpensive evaluation of LED lighting application.

The LED driver board uses a DC/DC buck topology and has capability of driving up to 3 LED channels with constant current. It’s powered by a programmable XXMC 32-bit ARM MCU that has embedded Brightness, Color Control Unit (BCCU) to ensure flicker-free LED dimming and color control. The BCCU reduces the cost while raising the quality of LED solution with minimal user code. The flicker-free LED board has been designed for smooth, eye-friendly dimming and color dimming.

Features of the XMC1202 flicker-free LED driver board

Below is a summary of the advantages of the features of the XMC1202 flicker-free LED driver board:

  • Compatibility with Arduino Uno R3 and XMC1100 Boot Kit
  • Simple I 2C interface
  • Easy to configure
  • Wide DC input voltage range

Advantages of the XMC1202 flicker-free LED driver board

  • Offers rapid prototyping of LED lighting
  • Easy to use for dimming and color control
  • Its flicker free owing to high-speed pulse density modulation
  • It’s small in size thanks to high power density
  • Backdoor access to on-board MCU for advanced users and parameterization


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