TE Connectivity Smart City Lighting

TE Connectivity Smart City Lighting Solutions

Smart Cities

Spending on Smart cities is estimated to reach $34.5 billion this year, up from $14.5 billion in 2015. So, what exactly are smart cities? Why are they such huge investments? Smart Cities are urban setups that can collect electronic data from the residents and use the same to manage the available resources efficiently. One of the critical resources that require efficient management is electricity. Lighting has proved to be a major consumer of electricity, hence the need for smart lighting solutions to ensure efficient use of electricity. TE Connectivity smart lighting solutions offer you exactly that.

TE Connectivity product portfolio

Following its passion for innovation and long-standing experience in global manufacturing, TE connectivity has come up with numerous smart city lighting solutions. These solutions can be categorized as;

Indoor lighting solutions

TE Connectivity has a wide range of solutions for indoor lighting which can be grouped in terms of PCB and wire connectors, power distribution, LED connectors and photocontrol. They come in various current and voltage ratings. They also have different operating temperatures and wire ranges. These various products offer various modes of connection ranging from wire to board, wire to wire, or board to board. The indoor lighting solutions all to different standards. PCB and connectors have been manufactured to meet UL, IEC, or CSA standards accordingly. LED connectors have been manufactured according to UL, IEC or Zhaga standards. The power distribution solutions all have IP sealing of IP67.

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These indoor solutions can be used to implement numerous intelligent lighting systems within smart cities. This is not just limited to conventional lighting. They can also be used to implement specialty lighting, for instance, in the case of indoor greenhouses.

Outdoor lighting solutions

Just like the indoor solutions, TE connectivity’s outdoor lighting solutions can be grouped into PCB and wire connectors, power distribution, LED connectors and photocontrol. They have two more product lines for the outdoor compared to the indoor. They include relays and switches. These groups of products have been manufactured to meet similar standards as the indoor lighting solution. They also exhibit similar IP sealing levels. The relays and switches also meet the UL and IEC standards. Power Rocker switches have IP sealing levels of 40 while that of tactile switches is 67.


TE Connectivity smart city lighting solutions also feature a broad-spectrum solution for signages. This includes cable assemblies, connectors, terminal and splices and harnessing among others.


TE Connectivity offers lighting solutions that ease and hasten design. They also offer a wide range of solutions that meet various application requirements. These products take the guesswork out of design by providing versatile and reliable solutions enabling engineers to implement superior design capabilities. The beauty of it is that these products are readily on various online stores, just a click away!

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