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Meat is most considered by many as the best dish since it fits in any menu. Meat slicers are suitable for both commercial and home needs. Everyone deserves a high-quality meat slicer in their kitchen since they deliver neat and equally sliced portions with no chance of spoiling the texture of the meat.


  • It reduces cooking time since they are able to slice meat faster than an average human would.
  • Produces Ultra-thin slices. Their control knobs allow one to adjust to a suitable slice for cutting apart from meat, fruits onions and any spices.
  • Saves effort. A good meat slicer greatly reduces the energy need to get the required slice size.


There are certainly numerous meat slicers in the market making it difficult to pick out a high-quality slicer that best meets your needs. Therefore, it is first important to understand the types of meat slicers available so as to be able to make a good decision in picking an ideal slicer for your kitchen.

Types of meat slicers

Meat slicers are primarily categorized into two types based on their mode of power. A meat slicer can either be manual or electric.

Electric meat slicers

As the name suggests, electric meat slicers are run by electricity. Electric meat slicers are reputed for their high torque and high speeds. It is important to note that meat slicers can be operated manually as well. They have a button that allows the user to choose between the two modes of operation.

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 Manual slicers

Manual meat slicers are typically operated manually thus have no motors to propel them. more time and effort are needed to achieve some neatly well-sliced meat portions from meat pounds. The upside of a manual meat slicer is that the user has ultimate control over the slicing hence are able to achieve good texture and flavor. With some good cooking skills, maximum benefits can be reaped from this appliance.

Qualities of a high-quality slicer

Now that you have identified the type of meat slicer you want; it is time to pick that high-quality meat slicer you deserve. Below are some of the key attributes you need to look for;


Having a slicer with high power motor is key since its output is relatively high. you are therefore assured of increased productivity for a professional cook. The problem encountered is this motor gets heated faster hence at least a 10 minutes cool is required.

Strong and sizeable blade

The size of the blade determines the sizes of the slices to be obtained. Twelve inches is considered the universal size for blades for commercial slicers. A stainless-steel blade is ideal since it is not susceptible to rust and is sturdy.


Knowing the components of the slicer apart from the blade is still a good thing. It helps in determining as to whether there is the availability of spare parts.


For chefs or individual home cooking, a slicer is greatly needed. A pocket-friendly slicer would be preferably the best. The performance will also be a thing to look at.

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