TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

Fundamental changes in the way entities conduct business has been as constant as the passage of time. Businesses have always acquired and used data to create value for their customers. In the past, this has mostly been done on paper. However, the ever-spinning wheel of change has seen this change to floppy disks, computer networks, intranet, Big data and now to IoT. IoT has redefined business relationships and market focus. Previous focus was on equipment and integration. This was been disrupted by IoT which focuses on service creation and enablement. This disruption has resulted to more needs that require a formidable partner to fulfill. TE connectivity is certainly such a partner.

TE Connectivity and IoT

TE is partnering with innovators and technology entrepreneurs to integrate connectivity solutions which will increase value to businesses. They are helping businesses surmount the challenges associated with IoT and reap the fruits more. To achieve this, TE is doing the following;

Digitizing factories for the future

TE are innovating flexible solutions for older equipment hence allowing machines to connect to a network. This way the machines can communicate with the with each other and with the operator in real time. As such companies can increase productivity through robust end-to-end machine connectivity. TE’s data, power and signal solutions are already enabling manufacturers to attain new efficiencies in tool management, logistics, maintenance and predictive analysis.

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Enabling smart homes

It is estimated that 78% of U.S consumers own mobile phones. This section of consumers also realizes the importance of controlling home functions like HVAC from remote locations. To achieve this and more, TE has come up numerous OEM products to drive innovation with regards to home automation. It has developed an unrivalled portfolio of sensors, relays, switches and connectors to help change the way people interact with their most personal spaces.

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Creating futuristic automotive experience

Numerous automobiles are now equipped with TE’s connectivity sensor solutions. They are using TE’s technology to improve communication, safety, and performance (inside the cars, between vehicle and to other devices). TE’s connectors couples with their sensors are being used to automate ABS systems hence optimizing traction and steering control. TE’s solutions are also being used to detect potential mechanical failures before they occur hence, they help in avoiding accidents.

Actualizing smart cities

The idea of smart cities is inspired by the promise to deliver the services people rely on every day in a convenient, safe and efficient manner. This degree of service delivery can only be achieved by employing connectivity hence the need for a vast array of sensors. The resulting connectivity is certain to improve lighting, infrastructure performance and energy consumption. Numerous cities around the globe are already replacing halogen street lights with LED luminaires that have been equipped with advanced sensors and are connected to an integrated network.  This results in a lighting system that can be activated remotely as pedestrian and cars pass by hence reducing power demand. This also goes a long way to underscore the impact IoT can have on a city. TE connectivity is delivering everything needed to actualize these dreams.

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