Uses Of Raspberry Pi – Power Supply, Robot with Raspberry Pi

The first model of Raspberry Pi was developed in the UK for the promotion of teaching basic computer science in schools. It has size that of a credit card and can be plugged into computer monitor or TV, and has the capability of doing everything a Desktop PC can do. Let’s have a look into 21 great uses of Raspberry Pi.

1. Building a Robot with Raspberry Pi

If Raspberry Pi could have a second name, it would have definitely been a Robot. Raspberry Pi can be used as the main brain in drones and Remote-Controlled Planes. A robotic arm can also be made with it which can hand over to you a cup of Coffee.

2. Hosting a Website

A Raspberry Pi can be used as a web server. You can host your own personal website or a Professional one by installing the right software and libraries. The advantage is that it requires less power and can be used on local network instead of the internet.

3. Forecasting Weather

Temperature and air humidity can be measured with the help of Raspberry pi. You just need a breadboard, jumper wires and the right type of sensors to sense and predict the weather

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4. A Desktop Computer

A computer monitor, keyboard, mouse and a hard disk for extra storage is all that you need to build a home PC. It will need its own operating system as it can’t run Windows or MacOS.

5. Wi-Fi Extender

If you are having a Wi-Fi connection problem at the corner of your home, then Raspberry Pi can act as a booster for you. It is cheap and directly connects to your Wi-Fi adapter.

6. Making a Minecraft game

Raspberry Pi can play an addictive game for you. The Raspberry Pi will act as the Server for the Minecraft. But the downside is that you cannot have more players and high graphics.

7.Smart Home

Your House can be controlled remotely with the help of Raspberry Pi. Be it your light switches, security cameras and Washing machine. You just know basic programming and the right electronic for a specific task.

8. Virtual Private Network

If you are in a country where there is ban on social websites, then there is no need to worry. Your Raspberry Pi can act as a cheap VPN without consuming a large amount of power and can handle few connections efficiently.

9. Raspberry Pi Cloud Server

Your Raspberry Pi can act as a one drive or Dropbox and you just need the Own Cloud Software to be installed into it.

10. Telephone with Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi can make calls for you and the cost of making a phone is much likely that of an ordinary smart phone available at local market.

11. Printing Server

The Common Unit Printing System and the associated sharing software with the Raspberry Pi can make a complete Printing System for you. The main purpose of the Raspberry Pi here is it will ensure the computer Windows can access the printer via a network.

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12. Camera

If you want to take photos or videos, capture and save files or stream to the internet, a Raspberry Pi is there for you. All you need is an infrared LED attached to it. You can also use it to monitor your pet or a CCTV at the door of your entrance.

13. Making a Raspberry Pi Twitter Bot

A twitter bot will tweet, retweet, like based on the programming code you have written on your Raspberry Pi. You need to develop twitter API and then connect it with your Raspberry Pi.

14. Radio Station

A Raspberry Pi can act as a FM Radio Signal transmitter by using the Spread Spectrum Clock Signal. You can broadcast live by using advanced tools with your Raspberry Pi

15. AI Assistant

Just as many Assistants available they’re at the market, one can make an assistant with the help of Raspberry Pi which can set be as an alarm clock or tell you weather news.

16. Distance Sensor

One of the fantastic Do It Yourself project is you can make a distance measurement device with Raspberry Pi.

17. Smart TV

Just as a Desktop PC, you can make a TV by connecting Raspberry Pi with a monitor or Screen and installing the necessary software.

18. Wireless Video Surveillance Robot

Once you know that you can build Camera and Robot with Raspberry Pi, the next step is to combine both of these projects and build a video surveillance that can be wireless controlled

19. Live Streaming

You have online apps and websites built for live and video calling, but that uses a lot of bandwidth. A Raspberry Pi can be helpful to build a Live-streaming app for you that is cost efficient.

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20. Smart Mirror

A magic mirror which is a webpage run from a web server housed inside your Raspberry Pi will show futuristic displays like daily weather, calendar, etc.

21. Ultra-Power Supply

If you are making a project which requires consistent power supply, Raspberry Pi can help you by acting as an Ultra-Power Supply device.

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