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Intelligent LED Solutions – LED Mounts

Led mounts entail the hardware accessory products that play a role in installing, fitting and operating LED lighting systems and other products. Intelligent LED Solutions is a company that deals with LED products. It provides a cost-effective solution to problems related to LED mounting. This company also works as a franchised stocking distributor and agent for OSRAM  Opto semi-conductors, OSRAM LED Systems, Ledil and Stanley’s. It provides a range of products including; LED strips, LED coins and LED flood boards. The following are some of the LED Mount products that Intelligent LED Solution has to offer.

Flex LED Strip Accessory Kit 1500mm

This is an accessory that is designed to work with a high bright and super bright range of Power flex LED strips. It is a key power flex accessory found in the intelligent LED solution. It can either be mounted on a surface or an angled profiled. This feature, therefore, makes it ideal for desk lighting, photography, garage lighting, accent lighting, and industrial application.


  • It can be easily installed.
  • Flexible mounting, that is, angled or profile mounting
  • Extrusions can be resized
  • Has metal mounting clips to ease installation.
  • Three lengths options: 310mm / 1000mm /1500mm.

Accessory kit contents

  • 1 x opal diffuser
  • 1 x clear diffuser
  • 1 x aluminum extrusion
  • 2 x end caps
  • mounting clips

Intelligent LED solutions LED mounts for Extruded Linear Remote Phosphor Kit 1800 x 24 x19mm.

These linear heat sinks from Intelligent LED Solution are designed with DURIS P5 blue light engines and a remote phosphor creates a white light output. The white light output is brought about by the combination of blue light and remote phosphor.

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  • Used with extruded linear remote phosphor kit
  • Dimensions: 1800 x 24 x 19mm

Intelligent blue LED Strip 300mm ILS- P532- 0300-DEBL –SC201

This product from intelligent LED solutions focuses on the DURIS P5 deep blue LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. This product is recommended for use in linear luminaires because its lighting is uniformly distributed from a compact package. DURIS P5 gives homogeneous light output that has no spots due to its design to work with linear remote phosphor lenses. DURIS P5 LED strips are suitable to be used for; general lighting, decorative lighting, retail lighting, shelf lighting, and task lighting.


  • 16 or 32 LEDs per strip.
  • Used with remote phosphor lenses 200mm wires
  • Up to 50000 hours lifetime.
  • 70% brightness.

Thermal interface Pad

This is a product from an Intelligent LED Solution that falls under the family of thermal heat pads designated for LED strips. Their sizes usually vary with non-adhesive or single/ double-sided adhesive options. They also have a range of varying dimensions and use different LEDs.


  • Thickness = 0.13mm
  • Material = graphite


  • Self-adhesive
  • The minimum operating temperature is – 400 degrees Celsius.
  • Maximum operating temperature +300 degrees Celsius.
  • Hardness = shore A 85.
  • It is pewter in color.

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