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New RGB LED Lighting Shield with XMC1202 for Arduino

The RGB LED Lighting Shield provides Arduino prototypes with magnificent flash of light-free light energy. The Shield interacts as a slave with a control panel through the I2C protocol. It is possible to use either an Arduino Uno R3 or Infineon’s XMC1100 Boot Kit as the master. A XMC1202 logic analyzer with a darkening power external for Lighting applications, recognized as the Brightness and Color Control Unit (BCCU), is on board the RGB LED Shield. It includes three autonomous flickering motors and nine autonomous modulated pulse density (PDM) channels. This shield uses One flickering engine and 6 streams. It can be easily configured for different light engines and offers flicker-free LED dimming and color control, rendering it an optimal product for digital design engineers and lighting designers.

Key features          

  • Communication: I2C, SPI, Dual-/Quad-SPI, SCI, I2S, LIN.
  • Application specific: LED Color Control Engine, Touch.
  • AES 128-bit secure loader for SW IP protection.
  • Operating: 1.8 ~ 5.5Volt and -40° ~ 105°C.
  • Free DAVE IDP and DAVE Apps open to 3rd party tools and the wide ARM ecosystem.
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0, 32MHz.
  • Hardware Interconnect Matrix.
  • 16kB ~ 200kB Flash with ECC and 16kB RAM.
  • Peripherals running up to 64MHz.
  • Timer/PWM: CCU4, CCU8, POSIF.
  • Analog-mixed Signal: 12-bit ADCs, 12-bit DACs, ACMPs.


  • Dimensions 2.7 x 2.1 inches (standard Arduino footprint)
  • Input voltage up to 48V
  • Output Current per string up to 1A peak and 700mA average

The panel offers a robust LED diming way to make it easy to use, but offers complete access to the on-board microcontroller for experienced users and parameterization. However, its modular design offers versatility for restricted systems due to high intensity capacitive sensing achieving high conversion efficiency. According to the retailer, rapid application development combined with affordable assessment functionality also renders the RGB LED Lighting Shield with XMC1202 an ideal tool for manufacturers and hobbyists. Using a DC / DC buck converter, the RGB LED Lighting Shield is capable of driving up to 3 LED channels with continuous current. The shield itself is enabled by an on-board XMC1202 microcontroller, XMC 32-bit ARM ® MCU with integrated Brightness Color Control Unit (BCCU, XMC1200 MCU series), to achieve true flicker-free LED flickering and color control.


The BCCU allows incredibly low-cost but elevated-quality Lighting control solutions with negligible client application input, time savings on the market, and low-cost market spaces for LED lighting. With that kind of feature, you can obtain any of the RGB LED Shield registers. The function parameters are:

  • The address of the RGB LED Shield
  • A command
  • Target register address

Both the register address and data are 32-bit values and are sent in 4 bytes each.

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