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High-Quality USB Cables: Do They Make a Big Difference?

Universal Serial Bus (USB)

Charging smartphones has certainly become part of the daily activities to most of the people around the globe. In fact, many people have got their chargers plugged into the sockets and the USB cables plugged alongside. Almost all rechargeable gadgets come with full-sized USB micro USB cables. These USB cables are different qualities prompting the question, what is a high-quality USB cable? Does quality really make a difference?

The different qualities of USB cables

If you are keen, you must have noticed that some cables will charge the same smartphone faster than others despite using the same charger. Just to illustrate this, there is an on Android Play store called “Ampere”.  This app displays the current drawn by the battery current when plugged into the charger and the amount drawn by the phone contains when not plugged.

We tried out two cables as shown below. In both instances, we used the same charger. We only changed the USB cable. When a high-quality cable was used, we achieved a 100 mA. When we used a cheap and unbranded cable, we only achieved a 70mA. We also experienced difficulties transferring data from the phone to the computer when using the unbranded cable.


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The unbranded cable also seemed more flexible than the high-quality cable. The wires of the quality cable were by far thicker than those of the unbranded cable. As you would expect, the quality cable charged the phone faster than its unbranded counterpart.

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Reversible USB Cables

Ever noticed how long it takes to get it right when inserting a USB cable into the laptop. It takes a couple of flips before you can plug it in. To take away these hassles, Tripp Lite has come up with a reversible male to USB micro cable. The cable can be plugged into the computer in either direction. This cable is also heavy duty hence will charge your phone faster and transfer data without any issues


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