ABB, 6PST 3 Position 60° Rotary Switch, 400 V, 25 A, Handle Actuator

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The ABB rotary switch is an embodiment of versatility made simple. As the name suggests, the switch closes or opens contacts upon rotation. ABB offers a very rich portfolio of rotary switches. These switches can be used in numerous applications across many industries. Based on their architecture, the rotary switches are easy to assemble and use. The switches offer a versatile selection of handles, mounting options and accessories thus making it easy to create a perfect solution for many different applications.

What makes the ABB rotary switches?

High performance

The ABB rotary switch IS made up of high-quality flame-resistant materials. It is designed in such a manner that the contact design ensures consistent opening times between both moving and fixed contacts which result in high current performance and a longer life span.

Easy configuration

Its architecture is such that they are easy to assemble, mount and use. As such, they are easy to customize and install. This tremendously reduces time and cost incurred during installation.

Safety and reliability

Safety is prominently evident in the design of the rotary switches. This is evidenced in the shielding of the switches which offers ingress protection against various elements. Their IP rating varies across the switches with some having high IP ratings of 69 (IP 69).


The rotary switches can either be single-pole or multipole. They are also available in various current ratings while offering different handles, mounting options, and accessories suitable for numerous different applications.

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Types of ABB rotary switches

There is no sole parameter that can distinctly be used to set apart the rotary switches. Nonetheless, they can be categorized based on;

Number of poles

Rotary switches are either single or multi-pole. Single poles have only one pole and can be used to switch on one mechanism. Multiple poles, on the other hand, can be used to switch multiple mechanisms. Multi-pole switches have a varying number of poles. 3, 4 and 6-pole are some of the commonly available poles.

Current rating

Not all rotary switches can handle the same level of current. Thus, the rotary switches have different current ratings. For example, the 1SCA022621R6020, a three-phase rotary cam switch can handle up to 25 A. This means you cannot use it for applications rated beyond 25A. Ensure that the ABB rotary switch you purchase best matches the rating of your application.

Protection rating

Various switches are designed in various ways to offer different levels of protection. Some switches are rated IP20 while others are rated up to IP69.


Caution should be taken when using rotary switches to ensure that they are mounted and connected correctly. Ensure that when choosing a rotary switch, you pick that which is best rated for your application.

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