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TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity recently hit the news across the globe for coming up with a way of creating labels and barcodes on-site by self-printing. This is not the first time TE Connectivity is hitting the news. In fact, TE Connectivity has become synonymous with innovation globally. It is certainly an innovations hub and a global solution provider.  You can bet they manufacture one of the best USB-C that the market has to offer.

USB Type C

This USB protocol was designed to solve some of the problems posed by all the previous USB generations.  For a start, USB-C is reversible hence both ends of the cable work the same way. It can be inserted into a host device either way hence eliminating the hassles of having to check which the right way up is. By default, it is USB 3.1 meaning it is able to deliver data up to 10Gbps and power up to 100 W. It offers audio/video input in a single connection.


TE has tailored its USB-C to ensure that it is designed to industry standard. It is designed to provide a profile slim enough for handheld devices yet robust enough for industrial applications. As expected, it features a reversible mating interface that is designed to accept a plug in any direction hence easy and reliable mating. TE has incorporated the industry’s leading EMI protection in the USB design. Listed below are the features and benefits of TE’s USB-C.

Features and benefits

  • Delivers both A/V, data and power through a single connection
  • Offers faster speeds than previous USB generations
  • Offers backward compatibility to other USB connectors with the help of converter cable or adapters
  • Increased durability with extra board-retention features.
  • Eliminates unwanted EMI leakages leading to enhanced performance
  • IPX8 waterproof and IPX4 splash proof available
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TE’s USB-C can be used for the following applications;

  • Data centers
  • Lighting
  • Wearables
  • Factory automation
  • Laptop, PCs, and tablets
  • Industrial machinery
  • A/V digital switches
  • Business equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive infotainment
  • Power packs and chargers


In a market that is already filled with fakes, TE’s USB-C is one of the remaining authentic cables. It’s sturdy and versatile. It will certainly offer you value for your money.

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