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How to Choose the Best Meat Slicer

Meat Slicer

The only thing that is better than a good knife is the meat slicer. It will save you hours of repetitive, tiring and arguably dangerous labor. The art of diligently slicing meat, cheese, and vegetables using your hand may be fulfilling but a meat slicer will achieve the same faster while producing thin and uniform slices. Meat slicers are very versatile and can be used to slice meat, cheese, bread, bread, fruits, and vegetables. It is important to also note that there are many different types of meat slicers and hence one must understand what to look for in one.

Features to consider when looking for a meat slicer

  • Blade type

Generally speaking, there is no wrong or the right type of blade. There are two types of blades and they are both suited differently for different types of food. The smooth edge is suited for low-fat meat and vegetables. Serrated edge blades, on the other hand, are suitable for denser meats and bread. It advisable that you buy an extra blade to enable you to change according to the type of food you are slicing. The ideal size of the blades ranges from 7-9 inches.

  • Engine power

The engine power directly determines the slicer’s ability to slice food. You should consider buying a slicer with an engine power of 120W. Any meat slicer with power less than that will struggle to perform its functions and likely wear out fast. To ensure that your slicer lasts long, get something that will function without struggling.

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  • Transmission

Engine transmission can either be geared or belted. Geared transmission outputs more power but tends to be noisy and expensive to replace one worn out. Belt transmissions are a quitter, cheaper and easier to replace.

  • Ease of use

A good meat slicer should have good food pusher. You should never use your bare hands as they could be massively injured.

  • Safety features

Meat Slicer is very sharp hence safety features are very important aspects of a food slicer. You advised not to use a meat slicer until you have received proper training or until you have gone through the manual well. It is important to note you can be cut even when the machine is off mostly so during cleaning. You are therefore advised to always wear cut-resistant gloves when handling the meat slicer. Check to ensure that the meat slicer you intend to buy has a good blade and handguard. Better still, if the switch has been recessed into the slicer housing it ensures that you do not accidentally switch it on. Some of the meat slicers also have gauge interlock to safeguard the users when disassembling the tray for cleaning.

  • Product tray

Most of the meat slicers that are currently in the market can only accommodate between 7 ½ to 12 inches in diameter within the carriage. If you intend to slice food larger than that, it is prudent that you verify that the slicers carriage will accommodate it before buying the meat slicer.

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