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Meat Slicer Manufacturers: How to Use the Meat Slicing Machine

Meat slicing machines

Meat slicing machines are arguably the best invention after sliced bread. They have become a must-have equipment for restaurants, catering businesses, groceries, cafeterias, and other food establishments. They come in handy in slicing and chopping meat, cheese, and other produce. They are very versatile and make out food handling process easy. There are numerous meat slicers from different meat slicer manufactures but the operating principle is the same.

Safety first

Meat slicing machines are made up of sharp parts that need to be handled with care. It is, for this reason, the operation of these machines is left to adults. One should also first go through the manual supplied by the meat slicer manufacturers to acquaint themselves with how it operates before using it. Better still if you have someone who is already using one, you could ask them to train you. Listed below are more safety measures you should consider when using the meat slicers;

  • Do not use the machine to cooked meat after using it to cut raw meat
  • Always pay attention and concentrate while using a meat slicer. Minimize distractions
  • Only operate it will all safety guards in place
  • Keep the thickness of the machine at zero when not in use
  • Turn the plug off when not in use
  • Ensure the surrounding area is free of grease or other hazards
  • Always wear the proper personal protection equipment before operating the machine (cut resistant gloves, vinyl gloves)
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Operating meat slicer machines

  • Plug the machine into a power outlet
  • Get the meat you intend to slice at an arm’s length
  • Pull the meat slicers carriage toward you
  • Place the meat you intend to slice in the carriage and lock it in place
  • Adjust the knob to select slice thickness
  • Turn on the power
  • To ensure that your hand does not go near the blade, push only the handle
  • When you are done, turn off the plug and then wait for the blade to stop before turning the thickness to zero

Cleaning meat slicers

  • Wear you cut resistant gloves
  • Turn off the plug
  • Pull the carriage away from the blade
  • Wash the slicer parts in a deep sink with hot water and soap (then later, sanitizer)
  • Clean behind the blade (remove the blade cover by unscrewing the fixing pin behind the machine)
  • Clean the blade by making strokes from the center outwards. Do not clean the The blade has two handles that screw it into the blade hence locking it into place. First, remove the screws using the Allen key provided by the meat slicer manufacturers.
  • Remember to sanitize blade and behind the blade using a sanitizer
  • Refit the blade in reverse

Sharpening the blade

Meat slicer manufactures provide a sharpening unit alongside their meat slicer units. Follow the steps below to sharpen the slicer blade;

  • Put on the cut resistant gloves
  • Remove the sharpener fixing the bolt
  • Turn the sharpening unit through 180 degrees and refit it
  • Turn the meat slicer on for between 30 and 40 seconds
  • To remove the burr just press the front button for about 5 seconds
  • Turn off the machine and remove the plug before turning the sharpening tool 180 degrees and refitting it back. Tighten the screw to hold it in place.
  • Clean and sanitize the meat slicer after sharpening
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