Best Commercial Mixers Reviewed In Detail

Commercial mixers

A commercial mixer is the most useful and versatile appliance you can ever purchase for your commercial kitchen. Commercial mixers will spare you the hassle and time that would be spent mixing, whipping and kneading the dough. Buying is certainly a big decision. Besides money being involved, there are also other considerations that you will need to factor in. To reduce the burden of decision making we have reviewed 5 of the markets best commercial mixers the market has to offer

Best 5 Mixers :

1.Presto PM-10

This commercial mixer is designed to handle heavy duty mixing. It ensures that the product is evenly blended and aerated for extra lightness. It comes with a 0.5 horsepower motor hence you can sure handle a lot of tasks with ease.

Features and specifications

Manufacturer: Presto

Bowl size: 10 qt

Dimensions: 13x15x30 inches

Weight: 196 pounds

Color: Silver

Category: Kitchenware

2.KitchenWare Station M-B7

The KitchenWare station M-B7 has all you would ask for in a commercial mixer: a powerful motor, an adorable range of mixing speeds, enhanced resistance to corrosion and standard attachment. Its casing is made of anodized aluminum making quite resistant to corrosion besides giving it a gleaming appeal. It comes equipped with a 620-watt motor making it suitable for heavy-duty processing associated with a commercial kitchen. It is equipped with 20 mixing speeds.

Features and specifications

Manufacturer: KitchenWare Station

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Dimensions: 5×11.8×18.1 inches

Weight: 4 pounds

Color: Silver

3.KitchenAid RPKP26M1XNP

The RPKP26M1XNP mixer comes with a soft start feature to ensure that the contents of your bowl do not fly out of the bowl when the mixer blasts into action. It has a 6qt mixer that can produce an evenly blended and smooth dough that can be used to make tasty pizzas, bread, and cakes. It comes equipped with a 575-watt motor.

Features and specification

Manufacturer: KitchenAid

Dimension: 15x11x16 inches

Weight: 2pounds

Color: Silver

4.Thunderbird 115-60Hz-1Ph

The Thunderbird is gear driven. It gears are made of alloy steel hence offer rigorous and effective service for a long while before they wear off. Its motor is coupled with a cooling system thus it is able to for long time without heating up. The mixer also has a safety guard and a motor protector.

5.OrangeA 370W

The Orange comes with a 370-watt motor. It has 3 speeds and comes equipped with a 10 qt bowl. It supplied alongside a flat beater, spiral dough hook, and a wire whip.

Features and specifications

Manufacturer: OrangeA

Dimension: 1×1.97×15.7 inches

Weight: 2 pounds

Color: Silver


Commercial mixers come in various sizes and shapes. They have different capabilities. Therefore when picking one, kindly ensure that you put the purpose that you intend to put it at the forefront. This way you will be able to buy a mixer that best suits your kitchen.

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