Sensirion SEK-SHTxx/SGP30 Sensor Evaluation Kit


Sensririon was founded in 1998 and has gone on to become the world’s leading manufacturer of flow and environmental sensors. Senserion manufactures surface-mount (I2C) sensors for humidity, temperature and gas sensing. The traditional way of testing sensors involves soldering them onto a PCB that has been specifically for testing. This way of testing is very involving and time-consuming. It is for this reason that Sensirion came up with the SEK-SHTxx/SGP30 evaluation kit.

SEK-SHTxx/SGP30 evaluation kit

This kit provides flexibility when it comes to evaluating Sensirions sensors. It contains 5 sensors, plug and play hardware and software access making sensor evaluation quick and easy.


The following sensors can be evaluated using the SEK-SHTxx/SGP30 evaluation kit.

The SGP30-A digital gas sensor

STS31-DIS- A digital temperature sensor

SHTC1, SHT32DIS-B, SHTW2- Digital humidity sensors

They are all tiny SMT devices that are mounted on flex PCB to ensure ease of plugging into the interface cable.

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The kit embodies a Sensor Bridge which acts as a USB to I2C interface. The bridge has two channels which are independent and allow simultaneous evaluation of two sensors. The kit also comes with two interface cables Each of the cables has an RJ-45 connector on one end. The connector plugs into the sensor bridge. The other end connects to a flex PCB connector.


The software enables the kit to display and log in signals from the sensor or multiple sensors that have been connected to several SensorBridges on the same PC. The software is readily available for downloading from Sensirion’s website.

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