Omron Automation and Safety

Innovation driven by social needs

In 1995 Omron developed the world’s unmanned train station system as a response to a social need, this move went ahead to cement one of their core principles “Innovation driven by social needs”. This principle has gone ahead to put Omron at the top as an automation and safety player. Omron was established in 1933 by Kazuma Tateishi. Its core business is the manufacture and sale of components, systems, and equipment. Its popularly known for medical equipment. Ever since its establishment, it has stayed ahead of the pack confirm its position a global leader in 2007 when it developed the world’s first electronic ticket gate.

Automation and safety

A recent survey titled “Global Safety Programmable Controller Market 2018” ranked Omron as one of the leading players and manufacturers of safety controllers. This is pretty much a vote of confidence in Omron’s safety and automation systems. Omron manufactures a wide range of safety and automation products including,

  • Safety sensors- They detect the presence of machine operators close to hazardous machines. They include scanners which use light for detection
  • Safety door switches- These sensors detect when protective covers or guards are closed. They are mostly found in machines that use mechanical or non-contact detection. It ensures that machines are not operated with their safety guards open hence reduces accidents.
  • Safety limit switches- They are limit switches equipped with direct opening mechanisms. They open a circuit when a certain limit has been reached to avoid overfilling.
  • Emergency stop switches- They are used to stop equipment in the event of emergencies. They are used alongside safety relay units.
  • Safety relays- They are used to create safety circuits for machines and facilities. They have forced guided mechanisms that enable detecting contact welds.
  • Safety controllers- They are the nerve center of safety circuits for machines and facilities. The controllers can be configured to enable the detection of input and output faults and enable failsafe systems.
  • Machine Automation Controllers– They are used for one machine control
  • Industrial PC platform- It is an integrated range of products that are designed to be used in a variety of industrial applications which will benefit from advanced PC technology.
  • Multi-Axis controller
  • Programmable controllers- They are PLC controllers that come along with easy to use support software.
  • Software-It is an integrated tool that helps in accomplishing tasks using PLCs through setting special I/O units and getting networks started.
  • Peripheral devices- They include converters and cables.
  • Networks
  • Programmable terminals
  • RFID systems
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Each of these products is available in a variety of sizes and specifications. Whatever the size or specification you seek,  you can be sure to find it on our platform.

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