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Benefits of a Brushless DC Motor Over a Brushed Motor

Brushless motors

Brushless motors have become very common in our daily applications like the HVAC, medical applications, electric cars, and industrial applications. BLDC motors have gained so much popularity that they have literally displaced their brushed counterpart. This rise in popularity can be attributed to the fact that they enable devices to be more reliable and durable.

Benefits of BLDC over brushed


This is arguably their biggest advantage over brushed motors. BLDC motors can rotate continuously at their maximum rotational force or rather, torque. This is not the case with brushed motors since they are only able to provide maximum torque at only certain points in the rotation. Even though brushed motors can offer the same torque as BLDC motors, they will need large magnetics. In this regard, smaller BLDC motors can deliver considerable power.

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A feedback system can be integrated into a BLDC motor to control the required torque and rotation speed. If you are using batteries to power BLDC motors, the ability to control torque and speed will extend the battery life considerably since energy consumption and heat loss are reduced.


BLDC motors are very durable and generate low electric noise. In brushed motors, the brushes and commutators experiencing wear and tear resulting from the continuous moving contact. They also generate sparks during contact making them wear out faster. Brushed motors also generate electric noise as a result of strong sparks occurring at the area where the brush passes through the gap in the commutator. It is for this reason that BLDC motors are often used in applications where electric noise needs to be avoided.

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