XMC1202 LED Lighting Shield for Arduino


Arduino has not only revolutionized prototyping but has also been lauded for its versatility. Arduino’s versatility can be attributed to Arduino shields. Arduino Shields are modular circuits that piggybank onto the Arduino board to provide extra functionality. The XCM1202 LED lighting shield is a good example. This shield is designed to be easily configurable and combinable with various LED engines and lamps. This allows for rapid prototyping and low-cost LED lighting evaluation.

XMC1202 LED Lighting Shield

The XCM1202 is an RGB LED Lighting shield. It offers Arduino boards flicker-free light control. The shield communicates with a master through an IC as a slave. It is by powered by a programmable XCM 32-bit ARM MCU that has embedded brightness Colour Unit hence its flicker-free dimming and colour control. It has been designed to offer options for evaluating eye friendly dimming and colour mixing.

Internal architecture

The XCM1202 features the following,

  • 1 Brightness and Colour Control Unit (BCCU)
  • 3 Independent dimming engines
  • 9 Independent Density Modulated (PDM) channels
  • 1 Dimming engine

Features in a snapshot

  • Compatible with Uno R3 and XMC1100
  • Easy to configure
  • Wide DC input voltage (12V- 48V)
  • Can drive and dim up to 3 LED string with constant current (up to 700mA average current in each)
  • Offers high-speed flicker-free modulation dimming on every string via the PDU
  • Has high power density owing to the high switching frequency
  • Offers configurable current ripple
  • IC interface with the configurable 10-bit slave address


The XCM1202 shield is primarily used for LED control both at domestic and industrial scale.Must Buy at Enrgtech Leading Electronic Components Store

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