ITT Cannon Trident Cost-Effective Connectors

ITT Cannon

Did you know that ITT Cannon’s connectors were used on the spaceship that made the first ever landing on the moon in 1969? Well, now you know! ITT cannon is a world leader in electronic connectors and interconnected systems. Its connectors have made many discoveries in the past century possible. ITT Cannon continues to contribute to technological breakthroughs and social movements to date. As you expect, they manufacture some of the world’s best trident connectors. ITT Cannons connectors are not only top notch but also very cost effective.

Types of trident connectors

ITT Cannon Trident connectors are made up of

  • Trident Ringlock
  • Trident Neptune
  • TNM series


Their products serve various markets including

  • Automotive
  • Computer
  • Industrial
  • Military/Aerospace
  • Oil Fields
  • Telecom
  • Transport


Sturdy, lightweight and low-cost

They are made of superior plastics and are less costly compared to Metallic connectors. Their bodies re made up of durable UL94VO thermoplastic that has high strength. The metal coupling nuts and the bayonet ring are nickel-plated. The molded rubber coupled with silicone seals guarantee water-tighness.

Aesthetically appealing

The connectors have a very attractive appearance hence are ideal for front panel mounting.


The Neptune uses rear individual wire sealing grommet and adheres IP67 hence fully submersible. The ring lock is protected from submersion to IP67 by use of gland seal cable clamp.

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Wide temperature range

Trident connectors work well between -55ºC and +120ºC. They can also withstand harsh environments like environments with high humidity, mud, ice and even severe vibrations.

Field serviceable

The crimp contacts can be changed or modified in the field if need arises. The contacts are made of copper alloy with s range of gold or tin plating’s.

Wide range of wire gauges and current carrying capacity

ITT Cannon connectors can handle up to amps per contact and cable sizes from 28 AWG to 12 AWG. The TNM700-volt can handle up to 40 A.

Wide range of contact styles

There numerous pes of contacts ranging from crimp, wire wrap, PC to coax

What to watch when picking connectors


Tin is ideal for many applications. Its less costly and is a perfect match for most cables. Gold is only used for special situations since it resists oxidation and has a high surface conductivity. Gold also has a low friction coefficient. Gold is preferred for low level signals, harsh environments and for increased mating cycles.

Stamped vs machined

Stamped contacts are manufactured to precise tolerances. They could be supplied on reels hence lowering the assembly costs for large scale production. Machined contacts exhibit impro precision and durability and are ideal location that requires more than 200 cycles.

Crimp vs solder

Crimp contacts exhibit better strain relief, electrical performance and quality control than solder cup contacts. Solder cups are ideal for low volume applications.

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