What is a Push Button Switch, How does it Work and what are its Applications?

As we know commonly anything with the name button means a certain something that is used to turn on or off devices. In this case it is the same but for larger context. A push button controls the machine which means with the help of a push button you can turn it on or off. These are commonly used at workplace or at home and also go by the name push switches. The material from which they are made of might be metal or plastic and they are designed differently according to certain ergonomics. There are many types of push button switches. You can purchase them at an electronic components supply store either online or at a nearby store.

How does it Work?

Most push button switches work similarly. Pressing factor is put on the catch or actuator, bringing about the downturn of the inward spring and contacts and the contacting of stable contacts at the lower part of the switch. This cycle will either close or open the electrical circuit. The recurrent use of pressing factor will make the spring withdraw and change the situation with the press button association.

You can pick between push buttons highlighting ordinarily open or shut contacts, which change state upon activation. Ceaseless pressing factor should be kept up with on the catch of a flitting change to incite the activity. Nonetheless, it will stay in a steady state inside a locking push button until pressure is reapplied. You can purchase push buttons at an electronic components store.

Applications of Push Button Switches

There are many applications of push button switches that we can state here. They are most commonly integrated in devices like calculators, push button phones, and many appliances that are used in the workplace as well as at homes. Is most of these devices the most common function of a push button switch is to turn them on or off. But they can also perform many other function such as in the case of a calculator.

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Push buttons that are designed to perform different functions are distinguished by the help of different colors you can purchase them from an electronic components supply store. In this way there is reduced probability of the fact that any mistake will occur by pushing the wrong button when you intended to perform another function. For example red usually indicates to stop an action while green stands for starting a function. You can identify emergency buttons by their red color and they are usually of large size.

  • There are also many other application that push buttons switches perform such as:
  • Push button switches are most commonly used as reset switches and these kind are small in size.
  • There are certain types of push buttons switches that are for the purpose of stopping the function of many large machineries and they are always placed near the machine so that they could be stopped easily in case of any emergency, most commonly for industrial machinery that can be bought from an electronic components store.
  • These switches are also found in arcade game machines that control various aspects of the game.
  • Some other small and common uses of push button switches is that they are used in toilet flushes, shower systems and in switching lights.


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