The top 5 DIY Electronic Stores and Suppliers

Online electronic distributors are certainly the most convenient places that you can purchase components for your electronic and DIY projects. However, many platforms have proven to be tedious, frustrating and very expensive. The list below contains the best DIY stores and suppliers to purchase your electronic components from. The list has been assembled based on views from multitudes of engineers, hobbyists, technicians, and scholars who frequently purchase electronic components online. Therefore, the listed websites represent the most endorsed platforms.

This is the most preferred platform by many electronic components shoppers. Enrgtech is based in Europe, but ships component all over the world. Their website offers you access to all types of electronic components be it active, passive or electromechanical. Enrgtech offers over 5 million electronic components from more than 750 manufacturers across the globe at amazing prices. Moreover, it was referred by many as the safest platform to purchase from. Many shoppers lauded the user experience derived from using their website.

The platform has numerous algorithms to help you narrow down your search. You can search for a component based on keyword, category, manufacturer, manufacturer part or energtech part. Besides their willingness to ship within the same day of purchase, enrgtech also guarantees you quality. If by any chance the component purchased is faulty (of which is extremely unlikely) they will refund you an amount equivalent to the cost of the component. They also have a lot of data sheets that will help you in choosing the best components for your circuit.

  • Newark

Farnel-Newark not only deals with electronic components, but also tools and equipment. Its website is easy to use. It has a tangible number of Electronic Components maybe not as much as Energtech far as electronic components are concerned. They offer an array of options you can use to narrow down your search. You can use the product type, keyword, manufacturer or manufacturer part number. Their prices are competitive too. They also have links to the recently added product on their website to keep you updated on their stock. If the product shipped to you by Newark is defective or does not meet your expectations, you can return it for replacement. This has to be done within 60 days of the original invoice date.

  • Mouser

Mouser Electronics is a member of the Warren Buffet Berkshire Hathway Family of companies. It is an authorized distributor of semiconductors, electromechanical, interconnects and passive components from close to 500 manufacturers. It is famous for its easy to use and fast loading website. Its landing page contains a strategically placed search box. You can search for a product based on its part number or its category. Beneath the search box is a display of the newly added products. In overall, the website offers a good user experience. Mouser is reputed for its fair pricing and prompt shipping. It has also instituted several measures to ensure the quality of both their products and services including a strict anti-counterfeit measure to curb sub-standard products.

  • Kitronik

The simplicity of its landing page stands out. Kitronic offers electronic components among a lot of other products like electronic kits, PCB equipment, and materials. The left part of the landing page offers you numerous categories and sub-categories to guide your search. The components category further leads to resistors, capacitors, semiconductors, audio, component kits, relays and display sub-categories. The landing page also has links to the latest news, a library of resources and the materials they sell. Besides the fairly competitive prices, Kitronic also delivers and ships promptly. This is evidenced in the customer feedback prominently displayed on the website.

  • Electronelec

Electronelec deals in broad line Electronic Components and parts. Its major client base is composed of hobbyists, resellers, and educational establishments. Its home page is particularly very simple to navigate. The search box is prominently placed at the top of the Home page, it does not contain any specific algorithm you can use to focus your search. This means that using a keyword would be the ideal way of searching for your product on the platform. The left section contains a list of the ‘store sections’ that will guide you in your search. Electronelec ships its products to all parts of the world. In addition to an easy to use the platform, Electronelec offers fair prices for its products. However, unlike the other above-listed platforms, it does not have as much stock. It should not come as a surprise if you don’t find a product you are looking for on this platform.

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