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LED Holder- Provides Solderless LED Connection

Solderless LED connection

As the demand for energy efficient applications grows, designers are increasingly looking for ways to implement LED in a faster and easier manner. One of the ways of achieving this is by the use of solderless LED holders. Solderless focus on easy assembly, secure attachments, and lower cost. There are numerous companies now offering solderless LED holder designs and systems. They include TE, Molex, and VCC.

TE Solderless LED connection

TE Connectivity has come up with numerous solderless LED solutions. One example is the LUMAWISE family. The Z50 is the latest member of the LUMaWISE family. The Z50, like its counterparts, conforms to the Zhaga consortium specifications. The specifications were established by companies working together towards interchangeability of LED-light sources in a bid to simplify general LED-lighting applications.

The Z50 is assembled in 5 simple steps;

  1. Snap the CO into the base
  2. Apply the thermal interface
  3. Poke cables into the z50 base
  4. Screw them assembly to the heat sink
  5. Attach secondary optics

The Z50 comes in various designs compatible with Cree’s CXA series, Phillips LUMEDS, OSRAM’s Opto, Nichicon COB, and SOLARIQ array. The holder can be used for spotlights architectural lighting, downlights, wall washers, and stage lights.


Molex offers plastic-substrate interconnect (PSI) for LED COB arrays. These holders are designed to deliver a faster and secure connection. Its customizable interconnects also address space constraints that are often witnessed in lighting designs by offering a low-profile harness interface that delivers power to the array through a simple connection to a holder.

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The PSI system is ideal for downlighting and area lighting. It comes in circular, rectangular and custom shapes. Molex also offers a low-profile header and receptacles.

VCC Solderless LED connection

VCC has also come up with numerous LED solderless connections. The CNX 440 and the CNX 460 series are good examples. The have receptacles that require no tools to assemble thus offering quick and easy threaded connections. The CNX 440 series can be configured in a manner to support up to 6 leaded RGB, UC, or IR LEDs. The CNX 460, on the other hand, can be designed for high flux and standard 10 mm LED packages. Both the CNX 440 and CNX 460 work with all major LED brands. VCC also provides CMC 441 and HMC 461 lens style have Fresnel rings for increased brightness and the CMS 442 and HMC 4661 lens for NEMA 4 applications.

To simplify assembly, the CNX 440 and CNX 460 have unique interconnectors that provide extra stability for LED leads. The receptacle can be easily designed so that it integrates into a custom cable assembly or standalone assembly that has stripped wire ends for PCB connection. VCC’s modular panel mount indicator assemblies eliminate crimping or soldering while delivering superior stability when subjected to high frequencies of up to 2000MHz.


Many designers may not give LED holders priority when evaluating lighting design but they have the potential of reducing the cost, space and time of installation. As such, designers are urged to give LED solderless connections a lot more attention for safer and speedier installations.

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