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The variety and quality of our signal connectors reflect on our commitment toward fostering innovation. Enrgtech provides efficient and reliable connection solutions for engineers, technicians, and scholars. Our signal application connectors range from D-sub, LEMO, BNC, RJ50, Spring terminal, and screw terminal connectors among others. Our platform offers you easy and convenient access to signal application connectors from all the renown manufacturers from all over the world.

Besides offering a wide range of high-quality connectors, Enrgtech offers fabulous prices for them too. We have top-notch customer care services to ensure that your need and queries are attended to satisfactorily. Enrgtech is the safest platform to purchase your signal application cables from. It is highly encrypted to ensure that unauthorized parties do not access your information. It is also very easy to use making it easy to search for a product and purchase it. Moreover, we have a huge catalog of data sheets to help choose an ideal product for your circuit.

Signal application connectors

Signal application connectors are electro-mechanical devices that are used to join electrical terminations and create electrical circuits as well. They consist of male (plugs) and female (jacks) ends. Connectors can be used for temporary or permanent connection between two cables or devices.  In the event of two dissimilar connectors, an adapter may be used to effectively bridge the differences and connect the devices together.

Types of signal application cables

  • D-sub connectors

D-sub connectors derive their name from their distinctive D-shaped metal shell. They contain two or more parallel rows of contacts enclosed inside the metal shell. The D-shaped metal shell provides mechanical support as well as the proper orientation of the contacts. In some applications, it acts as a shield against electromagnetic interference (EMI). A variety of methods are used to connect the system circuitry to the contacts of a D-sub connector, this includes solder cup, crimp, wire wrap and PCB solder connections. These locking systems ensure that the connector remains connected even when it’s exposed to shock and vibrations.

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D-Sub connectors are available in numerous sizes (DA, DB, DC, DD, and DE) and contain either 9,15,25,37 or 50 pinouts. They are found in numerous equipment ranging from computers to satellites.


  • LEMO connectors

LEMO connectors are commonly used push and pull connectors that meet several connector standards. These connectors are manufactured by the LEMO Group and come in a wide range of over 50,000 connectors from 3mm to 50mm that can hold up to 106 internal contacts. These connectors found in many challenging application and environments like test and measurement, medical, telecommunications and industrial control.

  • RJ50

The RJ50 connectors are also known as 10p10c connectors. The jack contains 10 contact positions and the plug contains 10 contacts. The connector has a spring-loaded tab that snaps into the jack to secure it from getting pulled out. This connector is mostly found in measurement equipment.

  • BNC

BNC are high-quality and easy to use connectors. They feature two bayonet lugs on the female connector. Mating the male and female connectors is successfully achieved by turning the coupling nut through a quarter turn. There are some BNC cables that use threaded connectors. The connectors are designed to match the impedance of the cable it is to be used with. They are used with RF signals of below 4 GHz or voltages below 500V. These connectors are commonly used for BNC connectors.

Screw Terminal Connectors

Screw Terminal connectors feature many two different connection methods; the wire that is wrapped directly under the head of a screw could be held in place by a metal plate under force from a screw or by sets of screws. These connectors are easy to use hence are very common. They are also easy to customize.

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Spring Terminal connectors

Spring terminal connectors are similar to a screw terminal connector only that in the place of screws and metal plates, the cables are held in place by spring mechanisms. The spring mechanisms allow for quick and easy connection of bare cables. These connectors are suitable for low channel count as they do not provide quick multi-channel connection compared to other connectors.

Enrgtech offers you the above mentioned and a lot more types of connectors on their platform. Their fabulous prices, guaranteed safety, ease of use and unmatched customer experience makes the search for appropriate cables less of a hustle.

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