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Type A Locking USB Connector

USB connector

Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectors have become ubiquitous to modern society. They can be found in one or more devices that we interact with daily. Their popularity has not been limited to homes and offices only. USB connectors have become very popular in the industrial setup too. However, the use of USB connectors in the industrial setup presents a challenge. The USB platform was not designed for industrial use, it was designed to be quickly connected and disconnected. The industrial setup demands just more than that, it demands a locking mechanism to avoid accidental cable disconnection. This could be catastrophic in the industrial setup. This demand resulted in latches in USB connection to enable users to lock them in place.

USB Type A

USB type A connector is used on host controller in computers and hubs. Its socket is designed to provide a “downstream” connection particularly intended for host controllers and hubs. They are not designed for “upstream” connector on peripheral devices since the host device supply a 5V DC power on the VBUS pin. It for this reason that USB type A is popular in the industrial setup. To ensure that the connector is fastened steadily to the host and peripheral devices, latches are introduced in the connector. The latches are predominantly found on the sides of the connector or in the form of a screw or bayonet coupling. Good examples of latched USB A connectors include the IP20, IP67 and the CA332.

The IP20

They 1P20 has latches on the side of the connector. The latches offer a retention force of up to 40N. It is USB 2.0 compliant and offers plug and play capability. It is mostly used for HMI, machine vision, printers, barcode readers, mass storage. Its housing is made from a black high-temperature thermoplastic UL94V-0. Its contact is made from brass, gold plated on contact area and nickel on the underplate. Its shield is made of steel, nickel plated, copper underplate. It is rated at 30VAC and 480Mbits/s.

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The CA332 is a product of SeaLATCH. The CA332 is 72 inches in length and has USB A on one end and USB B. It embodies a thumbscrew provides a secure metal-to-metal connection to secure the cable in place. All SeaLATCH cables are compatible with the standard USB cables.



Just like the IP20, the IP67 is a product TE connectivity. It incorporates ¼ turn bayonet coupling ring. It has a standard A plug and standard B plug and through-panel mating receptacles. It is available in pre-made standard lengths cable assemblies. The IP67 is available in both plastic and metal shell configurations and is USB complaint. It used with HMI panels, machine vision, printers, barcode readers and mass storage. The housing is made from a black high temperature UL94V-0 or chrome plated zinc die cast casket, UL94 HB (UV resistant gasket material). Its contacts are similar to the IP20’s.


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