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Uses and Advantages of Electric Kettle

Electric kettles

Electric kettles have become must-have equipment in every kitchen. It is very efficient for boiling water. It gets the job done faster both the stove and microwave. If you do not mind a little extra clean afterward, there are other uses to which you can put your electric to;

  • Tea

This is probably the most common reason why people buy an electric kettle. Since it is faster than the stovetop, an electric kettle ensures that you get your tea before your thirst for the same runs out.

  • French Press Coffee

French press coffee has earned a reputation of being taking extra time to make. You can use an electric kettle can achieve that faster thus eliminating the extra waiting time.

  • Baby bottle water

Babies are very delicate and usually prefer their bottle water at just the right temperature. An electric kettle will help you warm it to just the right temperature. A series of electric kettles come with a couple of host features and setting to adjust how hot or warm you want your water to be. This was you will be able to heat the kettle to the perfect temperature for your baby.

  • Boiled eggs

You can use hardboiled eggs.  This takes the hassle out of boiling eggs and reduces cook time since you can also use the water to make tea or coffee.

  • Hot chocolate

Lighten up your winter nights with a steaming cup of hot chocolate courtesy of your electric kettle. Use your electric kettle to heat water that you will use to make hot chocolate. Some electric kettles have a stay warm feature to keep your hot chocolate warm.

  • Soup

Sounds new? Well, the use of electric kettle to make soup is more common than you may think. You may also use the keep your soup warm.

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Advantages of an electric kettle

It’s fast

An electric kettle can boil water faster than the traditional oven. It heats up instantly enabling water to heat up fast.

Energy efficient

The electric kettle consumes way less energy compared to the stove kettle. The stove kettle requires that the surface is heated first before the water starts getting heated. This is not the case with the electric kettle. In a glass electric kettle, the whole kettle needs not to be hot for the water to boil.

Automatic turn-off

When the water boils, the kettle turns off. This means that you do not have to put constant attention on the kettle since it with switch off on its own upon boiling. This also reduces the chances of accidents occurring.

Temperature control

A couple of electric kettles have a range of temperature control features that help you boil water to a certain temperature without necessarily boiling it. This way you can keep your tea, hot chocolate, or soup warm without necessarily boiling


There are numerous uses and advantages that come with using an electric kettle. Whether you want it for personal or commercial use, you deserve to get yourself one.

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