Microchip’s Security Solution for IoT Devices

IoT security

There is no way a thermostat can enable hackers to gain access to the network and steal data you’re your right? Wrong! In April this year, hackers used a connected thermostat to get a foothold of a casino’s network. They then accessed the database and pulled back data across the network up to the cloud. This is just one in many incidences of IoT security breaches that have topped headlines this year. All these breaches highlight the security challenges associated with IoT networks. They also highlight how disastrous how such attacks can get. These security challenges have pushed many parties to strive hard to secure IoT networks. Microchip technology is one such party. It has come up with industry’s first end-to-end solution that will connect to Amazon Web Services.

IoT security challenges

Some of the top security challenges facing IoT include:

  • Securing constrained devices
  • Authorizes and authenticates devices
  • Managing device updates
  • Securing communication
  • Ensuring data privacy
  • Ensuring data integrity
  • Securing web, mobile and cloud applications
  • Ensuring high availability
  • Managing vulnerabilities
  • Detecting vulnerabilities and incidents
  • Predicting and preempting security issues

Microchip and AWS collaboration

Microchip and AWS collaborated to come up with an integrated solution that could help IoT devices to comply with AWS IoT’s mutual authentication security model quickly and easily. This security solution extends from the node to the cloud. It supports Amazon Greengrass, FreeRTOS and AWS IoT. Microchip Technology provides all the required components, software, tools and support to secure IoT networks. Discussed below are some of Microchip’s solutions;

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The PIC32MZEF series

The PIC32MZEF MCU series supports Amazon FreeRTOS. The FreeRTOs is an operating system that is compact low-powered edge devices easy to program, maintain, secure and deploy. The MCU also incorporates industry-leading connectivity options, adequate flash memory, abundant peripherals and robust toolchain that empowers embedded designers to rapidly develop complex applications. FreeRTOS’ incorporates software libraries that make it easy to deploy over-the-air updates securely. It also makes it possible to connect devices locally to AWS Greengrass or directly to the cloud hence offering versatility when it comes to data processing locations.


The SAMA5D2 MPU is ideal for systems that require data collection and analysis at a local level. When integrated with AWS Greengrass software, it enables systems to run local compute, data caching, messaging and synchronization capabilities for the connected devices in a secure manner.  This way, the network is capable of improved event response, bandwidth conservation and cost-effective cloud computing. The MPU is available in many variants offering full Amazon Greengrass compatibility in a low-power, small factor MPU. Its integrated security features and extended temperature range allows the MPUs to be deployed in harsh environments.


The ATECC608A is ideal for cloud-connected designs where security and ease of use are critical. Its CryptoAuthentication device offers enhanced system security and easy-to-use registration. Its provide a unique and trusted identity to each device that can be securely authenticated in a bid to protect a brands intellectual property and revenue. The ETCC608A allows AWS users connect to the cloud rapidly via the device’s Just-in-Time-Registration that is powered by AWS IoT.

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Microchip Technology does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. However, it offers multiple AWS services with a variety of products that give designers the flexibility to choose the parts and platforms that meet their system specs. So far their efforts are of creating a secure IoT platform seem to be yielding fruit. All a designer now needs is to understand their system requirements and then pick the right solution.

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