Flexibility at its best

Who said scanning inventory cannot be a walk in the park? With the  Wasp WWS800 Freedom Wireless Scanner, you do not need to move inventory to the scanner, you simply move the scanner to the inventory. Cool, right! It literally hands you the freedom to roam while you have fun scanning inventory. To spice things up, it allows you to transmit data up to 160 feet away courtesy of the built-in wireless technology. This distance, however, varies depending on the environment. When you are out of range, the scanner stores the data and later transmits it when it is within range. Scanning inventory doesn’t get any simpler than this.

How it works

The Wasp is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. These batteries are recharged using the recharging base that comes with the scanner. It is synchronized to a computer by a software. The software connects to the scanner through Bluetooth.  The scanner is equipped with a 1D Charge Coupled sensor (CCD) to ensure fast and accurate scanning. The CCD sensors are capable of scanning barcodes that are 12 inches away at a resolution of 5mm. It can scan 100 barcodes per second. The scanned data is then sent to a database, document or spreadsheet in the PC or laptop.

The scanner can transmit data up to a distance of 160 feet, beyond which it will store the data and transmit it later when it is within the wireless range. One base station can handle up to 7 scanners. There is an indicator to alert you when you go out of the wireless range. Each lithium battery offers up to 30 hours of work life during which you can make up to 20,000 scans.

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Advantages of the WW800

  • Durability

It is designed using a very sturdy material, the ABS plastic, hence it can withstand multiple 6- foot drops on concrete. The built-in CCD sensors are also very sturdy that they can withstand a warehouse environment.

  • Many scan hours

The scanner comes with two batteries each of which offers 30 hours on one charge. With the two at your disposal, you can scan inventory for 60 uninterrupted hours.

  • Multi-user

One host can handle up to 7 scanners. This makes inventory scanning fast since each scanner can manage 30 hours and 20,000 scans on one charge at a speed of 100 scans per second. However large your inventory is, the WW800 makes it very manageable.


To enhance portability, the WW800 is very light and is ergonomically designed to sustain prolonged use.

What is in the box?

  • The WWS800 Freedom Wireless Barcode Scanner
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (2)
  • Recharging base
  • Scanner programming guide

Ideal environments where it can be used

  • Warehouse management
  • Healthcare
  • Library management
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Office
  • Toolroom
  • Assembly line
  • Retail points

The WW800 supports Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, DOS and Microsoft NT applications. It’s very versatile and be efficient.  It’s also very easy to use hence doesn’t require any special knowledge. Get yourself one today and ease your inventory management exercise like never before.

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