Keystone Electronics

Keystone Electronics Relevance and Interconnection Modules

Keystone Electronics has manufactured precision electronic interconnection modules and hardware for over sixty years, providing high-quality products worldwide at competitively priced to the industry and is still relevant up to date.

Battery Clips, Contacts, Holders, and Retainers: Advancements in portable electronics, as well as Lithium-Ion battery technology, require stable connections to the device. Keystone is leading the way with a wide range of consistent, high-quality, cost-effective items for most battery types.


PCB Test Points & UL Approved Terminals

Low profile as well as limited space drive of contemporary PCB connectivity designs. Keystone is the perfect fit for Solder as well as Solderless PCB Quick-Fit, Snap-on, Snap-Fit, and Screw-on Terminals as well as Color-Coded Screw Terminals & THM and SMT Test Points and more.

Pins, Plugs, Jacks & Sockets, and Industry’s Most Diverse Group: Keystone’s USB 2.0, 3.0 & 3.1 Jacks & Plugs, Micro Pins / Jacks, Banana, and Phono Plugs & Jacks are developed for use with the new Mobile & Computer Electronics, Home Theater, Test Gear and Industrial Interconnects.

Space-Saving Fuse Clips & Holders like Fuse clips as well as holders for Electrical, Datacom, Telecom, Automotive, and Solar applications. Keystone meets your needs with SMT, Thru-Hole, and Rivet Mount products.

Spacers, Standoffs/Supports

Metallic & Non-Metallic: Various insulated, as well as non-insulated spacers and standoffs, are accessible in a wide variety of lengths, thread measurements, hole sizes, mounting types, and materials. Choose from commodities of either English or Metric for your PCB, panel as well as mounting applications.

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Panel Hardware, Handles, Screws & LED Spacers

Keystone has value-added goods, namely Fan Filters & Guards, LED Lens Caps, Holders & Spacer Mounts, Jack Screws, and Connector Hardware, Instrumentation Handles, Cable Clamps, Knobs and more.

Quality Interconnect Components and Electronic Hardware:

Since 1950 Keystone’s output has been characterized by leading-edge technology and precision production. This tradition is mirrored in their new M65 catalog.


Keystone staff is proud to comply efficiently and promptly with all requirements. We were made an industry leader by trained and committed technical staff, experienced staff in manufacturing and customer service.

Each Keystone device is integrated fully with 3D / CAD modeling and precision and die-operations CAD / CAM software. Progressive dies, four-slide, wire formation, in-speed tapping, and automated machining for tight tolerance standards, as well as custom products, are utilized by application and engineering experts. Applications and engineering specialists. Tapping, drilling, assembly, and finishing are secondary operations.

For product changes or special design specifications, application engineering services are available. Keystone is a certified company ISO-9001:2015 and complies with the directives RoHS and REACH.

Product categories

Product categories include: Battery & Coin Cell Holders, Contacts & Clips,

Fuse Clips & Fuse Holders, 2AG thru 8AG, SPF, 9/32, 13/32, 5mm, Auto blade fuse clips and holders, Terminals & Test Points, THM and SMT test points for PCB use; Solder and Solderless Terminals and lugs and military and commercial turret and screw terminal boards, “Quick-Fit” Terminals, Screw Terminals & Terminal Blocks, UL recognized PCB Quick-Fit, Terminals (.110” to .312”) tabs for Vertical/Horizontal Mounting Designs, PC mountable single and multiple position blocks, strips and terminals, Spacers & Standoffs, Male-Female, PC104, Threaded and Clear Hole, swage, force-fit and hinged configurations in metallic and other materials, TO-3, TO-5 and TO-100 Sockets, Cases and Mounting Kits, Handles for Instrumentation, Round, Oval and Strap style handles in Brass, Aluminum and other materials.

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USB 2.0 and 3.0, IEEE1394, Phono, Audio, Banana plugs and jacks, micro pins and jacks, PTFE insulated terminals and jacks, LED Spacers Mounts & Lens Caps, T1 and T1-3/4 spacer mounts, lens caps and holders, Plugs, Pins, Jacks & Sockets, Bumpers, bushings, cases, eyelets, grommets, hole plugs, and washers, Brackets (Computer & Mounting), Transistor Hardware, and Brackets for all PC computers in standard & custom configurations.

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