How to Repair Your LED Lighting Fixture

A modern and efficient light source that is mostly used in newly constructed houses are LED lights. These lights are very safe and do not cause any harm even if they are broken because they do not contain any harmful substances such as mercury. People nowadays mostly prefer LED lights because they are highly cost efficient and they also save a lot of energy. Therefore these lights provide more benefits to its cost. You can find them easily at an electronic components store online or in physical stores.

They are bright and long lasting but sometimes can get damaged. But they can still be repaired. The traditional incandescent lights were not repairable but these LED lights can be easily repaired at home. You just need to find the error and perform necessary repairing. If you have ever performed repairing before then this might be easier for you with the use of some simple tools.

Repair Operation and Troubleshooting

A simple bulb operation can be used in which electric current is provided by the contact wires and it is AC current it then turns into DC current when it is passed on to LEDs and it turns into light. A board that contains the LED and the heat sink is the one providing heat.

You can see different types of LED lights but they are made in almost the same manner so if you learn how to fix one light then it will be easy for you to fix any other bulb. There are also some modern lights in which the SMD LEDs are connected in a series. If one of the diodes gets damaged then the rest will not work as well. In some cases many LEDs may stop working at the same time because they get burnt out.


There could be many reason why LEDs burnout such as overheating of those LEDs, low quality of electronic components, unstable current, fluctuations in voltage etc. sometimes in order to attract more customers the manufacturers may over heat the small light and it produces intense bright light due to which it gets damaged. But this damage can be repaired unlike the incandescent light which were irreparable. 

In order to find the error you need to open the LED bulb. If it is tightly enclosed the use a screwdriver to open it. In most cases bulbs with glass dissipaters cannot be disassembled because they might get broken easily. You will find a board that has LEDs inside of it. You can check the quality of the bulbs from the fact that the high quality ones will have LEDs only on this board. If there are electronic components present elsewhere then it may burnout due to overheating.

In the next step you need to visually inspect the fault. For the burnt LED there will be black mark which can easily be determined but in some cases the damage cannot be seen therefore it is better to use a multimeter. They have a diode testing function. During the test procedure you need to touch the red probe of anode and black probe of cathode. The faulty diode won’t light during the test. If after trying it cannot be repaired it is better to buy a new one at an electronic components store. 

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