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Heatsinks from Intelligent LED Solutions

Heat sinks are an important part of LED lighting because they provide a way for cooling for the LED light system. Heat sinks are capable of dissipating heat in several ways: conduction, convection or radiation. Intelligent LED Solution has recently launched a series of Aluminum Alloy Heat Sinks to be used with our regular Power stars and Power clusters scope. Such Heat Sinks are provided with fixing screws for the light motor and for connection to the baseplate.

Heatsinks from Intelligent LED solution come with Thermal Interface Material (TIM) connected to the upper surface. The thermal conductance of the heat sink product directly impacts how quickly the heat recedes through the heat transfer cycle. Copper is the best but because of its price level, aluminum is preferable. Titanium alloys, such as composite LED heat sink, can also be used for smaller LEDs with lower heat dissipation specifications.

ILS Radial SCOB Heat Sinks

This range of heat sinks from Intelligent LED Solution (ILS) is for use with SCOB LEDs (Surface Mount Chip on Board).

Heatsinks for LEDs


brand LEDs Solution
Diameter 55mm
Package type LED
For use SCOB
Height 20mm


LED Cluster Heatsink Kit 70x70x55mm Blk

Heat Sink Kits for Intelligent LED Solutions Power Star and Power Cluster LED Arrays The ILA-HEATSINK-XXX series of aluminum alloy heat sink tools are designed to be used with the regular Power Star and Power Cluster LED modules of Intelligent LED Solution.


These anodized extruded heat sinks are equipped with Thermal Interface Material (TIM) connected to the upper surface and mounting screws for the LED array and for connection to the base plate.


For Use With Dragon 1, Duris 1, Duris 4, Oslon 1, Oslon 16, Oslon 4, Olson 9,
Dimensions 70 x 70 x 55mm
Mounting screws
Color Black
Package Type LED


Below is an example of specified Oslon series heatsink with its features;

Intelligent LED Solutions OSLON 150 6+ Series, Red LED Strip 24V, ILS-OW06-FRED-SD111.

Olson SSL 150 6 + LED Strips overheat in service unless they are connected to an appropriate heat sink, overheating may cause malfunction or irreversible damage. OSLON SSL 150 6 LED Line.


  • SSL 150 ThinGan (UX: 3) LEDs.
  • Utilizing the latest power chip technology
  • they remain efficient even at drive currents up to 1000mA
  • low thermal resistance
  • ensure cool running and a highly efficient product

In addition, these Oslon SSL 150 6 + LED lighting strips have proprietary Plug’n’Play connectors, makes them ideal for a variety of applications including general lighting, decorative lighting, job lighting, spotlighting, downlights, retail, and entertainment lighting.

The thermal conduction takes place on the substrate of the heat sink. This is why the highest efficiency sinks have a larger surface area. This can be done either by increasing the size of the heat sink or by using fins. Finned heat sinks aid as they provide several more thermal transfer layers. Whereas the fins support, there also needs to be enough room between the fins for the airflow  to create a temperature gradient between the fins and the surface. Whenever the fins are placed too close around each other, the air in between would not cool and would become almost the same temperatures as the fins that would avoid the thermal conduction altogether.

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