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How safe are you?

Whether or not you arrive at your destination safely is largely determined by the effectiveness of your car’s head, tail, brake, fog and indicator lights. Together, they form a critical mode of communication between you and other road users. Failure or ineffective performance of any of these could result in road fatalities. Automotive lighting applications have undergone numerous improvements to ensure improved performance, safety, and aesthetics. The transformation from filament bulbs to halogen then finally to LED is evidence of these improvements.

Filament light bulbs

The old faithful filament light bulbs have safely lit our way home for decades. They are, however losing their dominance to the halogen and LEDs light bulbs. Filament light bulbs glow when current passes through the wire filaments. Owing to their mode of operation, they produce might heat than light as far as energy output is concerned. This leads to a lot of inefficiencies which has largely contributed to its replacement by other types of bulbs

There are three types of filament bulbs according to the UN Regulation, those without restriction (hence can be used in any application), signaling lights and those not allowed for use unless for replacements. It’s therefore important to understand which one your vehicle uses. They offer an estimated lifetime of between 750 and 1000 hours.

Halogen light bulbs

Halogen light bulbs are brighter than filament light bulbs and they emit white light. They also maintain the fidelity of their light output throughout their life for as long as it can still light up. They also do not flicker during startup. They last between 2250 and 3500 hours. Halogen light bulbs produce more Lumens than the filament bulbs for the same power input.


LED light bulbs

LED is the ultimate road companion, it’s now found in both car lighting systems and in street lights. It is slowly edging out the filament and halogen lamps out of the market. They have numerous advantages that have propelled to be the most preferred lighting source over filament and halogen light bulbs.


  • Insensitivity to vibrations
  • Very durable (lasts for the life of the vehicle unless physically damaged)
  • Relatively lighter
  • Very compact
  • Lights up faster than any of incandescent bulbs
  • Produces more light than the filament and halogen counterparts for the same power input.
  • They are available in a variety of colors


The only disadvantage as of now is the high initial cost.

How do LEDs boost road safety?

LEDs exhibit more light distribution and have a cool white cast making hence offers improved visual performance and reduces driver reaction when driving at night. They also, light up 0.2 seconds faster compared to the halogen light bulbs. This gives the driver behind more time to react and hence more chances of avoiding an accident. This is more pronounced at high speeds as 0.2 seconds translates to longer braking distances

Whether you need, a filament, halogen or an LED for your car, Enrgtech will always be there to provide you with them. We value your safety as much as you do and hence we offer a very large stock of any variety of light bulbs and ensure to ship them to you during the same day of purchase. Let us help you arrive home safe.

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