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Alps Electric World’s Smallest Detector Switch

Alps Electric

Alps Electric is certainly the unsung hero of the engineering world. It’s the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic devices. Its supply’s more than 40000 components to several manufacturers around the globe. Alps Electric products are, however, not always directly visible to their users. Nevertheless, they play critical roles in many appliances that we use often in our day to day lives.

Alp electric’s detector switch

Consumer demand has constantly been inclined toward smaller and thinner components. The demand for strong and thin compact slide switches has been particularly high with mobile phones and digital cameras leading the miniaturization campaign. In a bid to meet this demand, ALPS came up with two types of detector switches, the SPVM and the SPVN series. The PVM series is composed of vertical type switches while the SPVN is composed of horizontal type detector switches.

Both the SVPM and the SVPN series have a double –sided sliding contact system that embodies a sliding contact clip-type fixed contact and return spring. Owing to the design, the system is resistant to dust and other foreign particles. It’s also resistant to vibration and shock making the switches very reliable.

Alps has been able to achieve dimensions of 2.8mm(W)x3.5mm(D)x1.5mm(H) as far as the SPVM series is concerned. It has been to achieve dimensions of 3.8mm(W)x4.25mm(D)x1mm(H) for the SPVN series. They are without a doubt the world’s smallest detector switches. They enable manufacturers to design smaller products hence contributing a lot flexibility in the design of electronic products.


As components become smaller, tactile feedback is increasingly becoming important. Miniaturization of components is making them loose proper sensation. The avert this, Alp has leveraged the mechanical design with a unique structure plate spring realizing a 1.5N operating force. It generates an appropriate clicking sensation thus contributing to product usability.

Features at a glance

  • Operational nobs are made from metal making then very durable
  • Has a distinct clicking sensation owing to its 1.5N operating force
  • Ideal for lead-free soldering

Technical specifications

SPVM Series

  • Rating:DC 5 V 1mA
  • Operating force: 0.4 N max
  • Initial contact resistance:2 Ohm
  • Operating life:50000 cylcles
  • Dimensions:2.8mm x3.5mmx 1.5mm


SPVN Series

  • Rating: DC 5 V 1mA
  • Operating force:0.35 N max
  • Initial contact resistance:2 Ohm
  • Operating life:50000 cycles
  • Dimensions:3.8mmx 4.25mmx 1.0 mm
  • Applications
  • Notebook PCs
  • Mobile phones
  • Digital cameras
  • Digital camcorders

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