7 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change Your Life

The Internet of Things has been christened the fourth Industrial Revolution, a title it rightfully deserves. It is estimated that by the end of 2019, 14.2 billion devices had been connected to the internet. It is further estimated that the IoT market will reach $1.1 trillion by 2026. IoT has witnessed very rapid adoption across the various sectors of the economy. Its popularity is rising tremendously.

What is IoT?

IoT is the use of sensors, IT and networking technology to link billions of devices worldwide. They open up new, smart technologies, analytics and business strategies that result in a safer, more effective and more sustainable way of life. As the Web has linked billions of electronic devices and established new technologies and business models such as search engines, emails, e-commerce, and social media, the Internet of Things will improve human lives in ways we could not have imagined are possible. Below are the ways the Internet of Things (IoT) will change life as we know it.

How to Uses of IoT that change your life

Improvement of health care.

uses of IoT is well suited for the health care sector. There is a growing need to gather and track data in this sector and IoT is best placed to meet this need. With a decentralized data collection using remotely placed sensors, health caregivers will be able to monitor and track the progress of patients even outside the hospital. This will go a long way in reducing the amount of labor that would have otherwise been incurred. It also enables patients to enjoy medical services in the comfort of their homes or offices.

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Food supply and production

Farmers are increasingly practicing controlled farming. This is evidenced by the rapidly growing number of greenhouses across the globe. Controlled farming demand real-time monitoring of crops so as to ascertain the health of the crops and act accordingly. Vast greenhouse farms will require deployment of delocalized data gathering techniques which is the primary goal of IoT. With more adoption of Uses of IoT in the agricultural sector, we should expect to see improved quality and quantities of agricultural products.

Cleaner air and water

The uses of Internet of Things(IoT) will help communities improve their community health. Unclean air and water resulted in an unprecedented nine million deaths in 2015 alone, as per a recent study. Cities suffering from extreme pollution, such as Delhi and Beijing, are starting to deploy sensor networks programmed to alert citizens of toxic levels of the air they breathe and the water they use.

Reduce of food wastage

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, about one-third of all food produced for human consumption per year is lost or wasted along the supply chain. That’s 1.4 billion tons of missing food for a rising world. The Internet of Things will incorporate proper monitoring which will result in better food management hence reducing these losses significantly.

Security decrease

Sadly, one of the disadvantages of all this communication is that your info will be less secure and that your security needs will be higher. Criminals will have a way to identify flaws in any program. As more and more devices get linked to IoT, security will be one of the most critical aspects of our lives. In addition to all these advantages, questions about security risks and infringements of privacy occur. Smart meters boost power use by tracking activities or the presence of occupants in a house and shutting down energy-consuming devices when no one is at home or in uninhabited spaces. Nevertheless, if such reports of our activities or absence in the house fall into the wrong hands, protection could be breached.

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Change in shopping patterns

The Internet has always transformed the way we shop as a society. Rather than going to the local mom and pop shop up the street, customers turn to Megastores like Walmart or Amazon. Nonetheless, IoT is going to improve shopping even more. With smarter apps and the ability to monitor inventory through an interconnected system, stores will be better able to predict buying trends and stock what is required. This could probably reduce prices, as there will be less waste.

The Internet is going to be more of an ecosystem

Even though there has been a change in the way the Internet works, with people starting to connect more than one computer to a portal, there are also a lot more apps and websites which operate independently from each other online. As more devices become smart and link to the central hub of your life, your community, your city, and your planet, the Internet will become more of an ecosystem.


The future is already here, and it is even better than what we had imagined. IoT app development companies are working to find more innovations that can help solve several of the most troubling world’s problems. This is with the aim of creating a bountiful world that is robust and secure.

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