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5 Best Crepe Makers For Your Kitchen to Your Life Easy

Crepe makers

Crepes are not only delicious, but they are also very versatile as you can eat them for dinner, breakfast or lunch. You can even serve it for a desert based on whether you make sweet or savory versions of the same. The good news is that you do not have to always visit a restaurant to every time crepe craving strikes, you can prepare them at home courtesy of crepe makers. There are numerous crepe makers in the market. They are all defined by the following features;

  • How they are powered (Gas vs Electric)
  • Size
  • Material type
  • Warranties
  • Durability

Discussed below are markets best crepe makers that you could choose from. The focus has been made toward electric crepe makers since they are efficient and easy to transport.

5 Best Crepe Makers

Nutrichef Electric Crepe maker

The Nutrichef Electric Crepe maker offers a 12-inch cooking surface. It has a simple dial for controlling temperature to make perfect crepes. It could also be used as a griddle to make bacon, standard pancakes or bacon among others. Its surface is made of non-stick aluminum that heats up very quickly. It comes with a wooden batter spreader and spatula for both making and handling crepes. The electric crepe maker has a slip lip on the surface to prevent juices and fast from dripping.

Cuisinart International Chef Crepe Maker

This electric crepe maker is the king of multi-tasking. If you would like a crepe maker that you can use to make other dishes like the pizzelles, then the Cuisinart international Chef Crepe maker is for you. You can use it in a closed or flat position depending on what you are cooking. It has 2 knobs one for controlling temperature and the other for controlling time. It also has an audible alarm.

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The Cuisinart International Chef Crepe Maker offers an 8.3-inch diameter of nonstick cooking surface. It’s lid locks closed when stored upright. The electric crepe maker is dishwasher safe and is also easy to wash by hand.

Waring Commercial WSC160 heavy duty commercial electric crepe maker

The Waring commercial WSC160 heavy duty commercial electric crepe maker is highly durable and can withstand daily use. Its base is made from durable stainless steel. It’s carrying handles are heat resistant. The cooking surface is made of heavy-duty cast iron. It has an adjustable thermostat that can be adjusted up to 570 degrees Fahrenheit.

KrampouzTibos Electric Crepe Maker

The KrampouzTibos electric crepe maker has a 13-inch diameter to enable you to make large crepes. It also has an indicator light. It has a cursor that regulates the thermostat. It comes with a cleaning brush, wooden crepe turner, and wooden scraper.

Salton crepe maker

Besides being very affordable, this electric crepe maker lets you dip the cooking surface into the batter in order to let the excess drip off to create thin crepes. It has a 7.5-inch diameter cooking surface. The cooking surface is non-stick. This electric crepe maker could also be used to make fried eggs. Its controls are very simple, just on and off

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