What are Benchtop Power Supplies and Their Different Types?

A bench power supply is basically a testing tool that tests and Measures circuit systems under validation by providing direct current and voltage. These tools are mostly used in similar lined of work by people like electrical engineers, circuit designers and other professionals. Such tools come in different sizes and the size specification depends upon the design, model, and features. However, many of the industrial tools are heavy and are not portable. Due to this reason they end up being stuck up on the workers workstation, that is why its called benchtop power supply.

Types of Bench Power Supplies

There are six major types of bench power supplies each with their different set of characteristics.

Single-Channel and Multiple-Channel

Both of these types can be differentiated on the basis of controllable outputs. We can already tell from the names that single-channel power supply has one controllable output while the multiple-channel power supply has two or more units available for outputs. Devices that have bipolar circuit system or both digital and analogue systems work best with such power supplies.

Bipolar and Unipolar

Bipolar and unipolar power supplies can be differentiated on the basis of the voltages that they can function with. Bipolar bench power supply, as the name indicates can function with both negative and positive voltages. Therefore, bipolar power supplies are more versatile in handling a wide variety of applications. Whereas , unipolar supplies are only able to function with either positive or negative voltage. This makes bipolar power supplies more expensive and complex.

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Linear and Switching Power Supplies

Linear power supplies can provide you with highly accurate measurements  with little or no signal interference. However, they are less efficient than switching power supplies because of their size. Switching power supplies, although are less organised accurate than linear supplies, but they can deliver high energy levels. Switching power supplies perform their functions in compact and energy saving manner.

Benchtop Power Supplies Examples

One type of bench power supply is the one that is used for scientific research, electronic production, laboratory jobs, computer fixing, product development etc. The best kind of power supply for such applications is CSI305DB 30 Volt DC 5.0 Amp. This tool has three independent terminals and ergonomic design.

For applications like laboratory work, teaching, and electronics products power supply like CSI305 30 Volt 5.0 Amp is ideal. This benchtop power supply has one fixed output channel and the channels are adjustable.

Lastly, the model CSI1802X linear bench power supply id an excellent tool that works best for all of the applications mentioned before. This model is portable and provide 18 Volts and 2.0 Amp of stable DC power.


A Bench power supply can be used for a great deal of applications in similar lines of work. There are different types of power supply tools that work in varying manner. Therefore, to buy such tools it is good to do some online searching and develop various alternatives, then choose the one that matches your list of requirements. For example, depending upon the field of work or the intensity of the job, the voltage requirements, portability, speed, size, etc. all of these can be used as parameters to determine and choose your benchtop power supply tool.

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