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TE Connectivity Releases Hermaphroditic Connector for LED

The hermaphroditic blade and dispenser connector’s surface-mounted (SMT), board-to-board configuration eliminates supply specifications with a single connector that links to itself. The wire-to-board connector also connects to the new part number sequence in a standard LED lighting process, supplying power to the first beam in a chain of rigid LED light strips printed circuit board. The connectors help speed up assembly time with lower profile, solder paste congruent layout in tape and reel branding. TE is a trail blazer in a well-engineered interconnections that incorporate controls effortlessly and distribute power and data across numerous building systems to allow optimum performance at all levels. TE provides a solution for each of the main common systems in many modern buildings such as: construction robotics, safety & security, elevators & escalators, ecological comfort and LED lighting. TE Connectivity (NYSE: TEL) is a global leader in technological innovation for $12 billion. In today’s growing connected world, our networking and sensor solutions are important. We work with engineers to transform their notions into designs–to redefine what is possible using smart, effective and high-performance TE products and approaches that have clearly demonstrated themselves in hostile environments.

A key advantage is that the scheme can decrease machining time with plugs that matt and unmate laterally and vertically to themselves. It also supports high-temperature vacuum pick-and-place and reflow handling. The connectors are accessible in hermaphroditic versions of 2-, 4-and 6-position.

Drive power between adjacent linear LED lighting strip modules

The plugs Hermaphroditic Blade and Container are engineered to also provide control between the adjoining linear LED strip lighting components. The sleek design of this coupler, available in 2, 4 and 6 positions, makes it a perfect fit in narrow spaces, and the design elements of the vacuum pick and place render it appropriate for high volume automated production. It mates and unmates connector (vertically and horizontally) to itself, allowing for a lower stock of part number.

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  • Benefits Lower design time that use the same connector for 2, 4 or 6-position control, information or signals attachments .
  • Reduce stock specifications with a single connector that suits itself .
  • Simplify alignment and operation with either vertical or horizontal connections (connector can be articulated between 90 ° and 180 °)
  • Provide versatility in layout with board-to-board or connector-to-board options
  • Simplify specification by enabling the same footprint on both sides of the block
  •  Maximize LED output with rounded edges with low profile plug, eliminating shadowing
  • Aid withstand motion and wire strains with wire-to-board connectors with positive latching
  • Choose gold latching reduces the risk for minor movement corrosion in severe LED lighting conditions
  •  Length of alignment with surface mounting and solder paste compatible low profile layout in band and reel packaging


  • Architectural and sign lighting
  • Retail and display lighting
  • Fluorescent retrofit LED Lighting
  • Cabinet or furniture lighting
  • Commercial and residential cove lighting
  • Access control equipment
  • Thermostats
  • Vending machines

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