Socket Wrenches

Some Things That You Should Know About Socket Wrenches

Socket Wrenches

Socket wrenches are tools that have been commonly used to either tighten or loosen different types of fasteners like nuts or bolts. Socket wrenches work in the same way as spanners and other regular wrenches. Still, socket wrenches have been designed to allow the operator to apply more torque and work easily with it, especially those with a long enough handle.

While you can buy them in different sizes and shapes to fit the various fasteners, most people who do use them prefer to purchase a socket wrench set like a Bahco 3/8 socket wrench setDIY enthusiasts and professionals will most likely buy the sets. The sets also contain many head fittings and adapters, which are compatible with a wide variety of imperial or metric drive sizes.

How Does it Work?

It works to permit the user to use torque in a single path while rotating freely in the opposite direction. This is referred to as a ratchet device. It uses mechanical gears that lock when moved in a single direction but launch while moving within the difference.

Socket wrenches like in a Bahco 3/8 socket wrench set are not the best ratchet tools to have. You can also purchase ratchet screwdrivers and T-take care of ratchets, along with different sorts of hand tools. All will take advantage of the similar basic geared mechanism in a single way or every other.

In exercise, using a ratchet drive wrench means you do not have to maintain getting rid of and changing the tool around the nut or bolt to carry out a couple of rotations. It is much simpler and quicker to paint this manner and be less strenuous at the palms and wrists. It also makes it way more trustworthy to work with fasteners in closed spaces.

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How to Use a Socket Wrench?

Precise details in socket wrenches may differ from brand to brand. However, there are some basic steps that you need to follow to use any standard ratchet wrench properly.

  • First of all, you need to select the right socket drive size to fit the fasteners you will work with. When the socket contains a huge variety of different sizes and shapes, selecting the right one for the application may get complicated.
  • Knowing the metric or imperial sizes will help save you a lot of time but if you don’t know the exact size, then try a bunch that looks the right ones and selects the correct one by test-fitting them over the fasteners. 
  • Make sure that you do not apply too much torque when the drive socket, like a Bahco 3/8 Ratchet, is big for the fasteners. Doing so will strip the fasteners and make it even harder to remove them.
  • After you have selected the most appropriate socket for your tasks, please attach it to the wrench’s handle by sliding it through the square-shaped peg on the head of the tool. This can only be fitting on one end of the socket having the square hole. The other end of the socket is open-ended and is used for slotting over the fasteners, although you can find square sockets as well. 
  • Then identify the switch on the wrench head that sets the torque direction of the ratchet-like Bahco 3/8 ratchet. Use it to choose the proper orientation for the tightening or loosening action you want to carry out.
  • After following these steps, you are now good at operating it. Place the open quit of the socket pressure over the fastener you are running on and use the tool just like any general spanner. However, while you run out of space on the cease of a turn, there is no need to raise the device away. Instead, without a doubt, deliver it back the other way at the same time as leaving it secured over the nut or bolt. The ratchet wrench must rotate freely in the reverse route, allowing you to carry out as many torques, push or pull as you want, without ever having to reposition it on the fastener.


Socket wrenches are a convenient tool used by many professionals at work and DIYers at home. They come in various sizes and shapes, each having its specific application. After figuring out the working mechanism and going through the step-by-step procedure of operating it, you can now easily work with these wrenches. The selection of the right sockets is very important. Most professionals prefer to have a socket set like Bahco 106 pieces socket set to ensure that they have a wide variety of sockets available at hand that can be accessed easily without disrupting the work.

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