Some Reasons why your Led Lights Burn Out quickly and how you can solve this Problem

LED lights burn out sometimes even when they are just newly bought and installed. There are many reasons why this happens. The most common of them are high voltages, defective contacts, and defective and bad quality dimmer switches. Another common reason is when you do not use the right lighting fixtures the lights tend to overheat and burn out more quickly or immediately after use. This can also be because the light batch was badly manufactured. You can prevent this by finding out the problem and fixing that. The burnt out lights have already damaged so you have to buy another one from an electronic components storeFinding out the problem and making necessary changes can prevent future burn out of LED lights.

High Voltage

One of the common reasons why LED lights burn out quickly at your home and you have faced many instances like that by now then it is probably because of high voltage. When the mains to your house are too high it can cause the lights to burn out easily. 120 to 60Hz is considered as normal voltage range that will not cause the lights to burn out. This problem should be fixed by calling an electrician have him test your house’s voltage and correct it.

Bad Dimmer Switch

If you buy dimmable LED lights then you must use such lights with a dimmable switch. Nowadays the standard LED lights do not come with a dimmer and the old ones are not compatible for these lights. Due to such reasons these lights burnout quickly. You can buy dimmer switches at an electronic components store. This problem can be solved if you buy lights that are dimmable and can be upgraded to LED dimmable switch.

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Bad Connections

Bad connections is when the amount of voltage the lights receive is effected or fluctuates more often due to which it burns out. Examples of these could be when there is a loose bulb in the socket, you can fix this by tightening it. The contact points are corroded which can be fixed by fixing or replacing the socket which you can purchase at an electronic components store UK.


LED lights unlike the incandescent ones do not produce light by heat. This is one of the main reasons why LED lights are highly energy efficient. But this can also make LED lights sensitive to heat which will cause them to burnout more quickly. Overheating may because when the lights are fitting in fixtures not suitable for them or are too large for them. This can be avoided by selecting LED that are the perfect size for the fixtures.

Bad Batch

There is consistently the opportunity that you have an awful light that figured out how to fall through quality checks, or that got harmed sooner or later. In the event that you’ve attempted the light in different apparatuses without much of any result and have tracked down that none of different arrangements work, check the guarantee that accompanied the bundle and address the retailer you bought it from or the producer about getting a discount.



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